I love dogs.. I love running.. I love running dogs!

Hey friends!

This weekend, I had a pretty good race. More on that later this week, because I don’t have my official results yet, and don’t have race photos yet!

Buuuut.. This weekend I will be running ANOTHER race. A half marathon. Excitement!! More on this later again. I’m such a tease.

This post is REALLY important to me, though.

Since my dog died last December, I’ve felt.. Incomplete. I need a dog in my life. I have since I was born, for 19 whole years of my life. Dogs were a part of me since before I ran.

Since I started running, I knew that one day, I wanted a running dog. A companion that would always be there for me – to protect me, to keep me company, to be a friend, to encourage me. I also knew that I wanted a rescued dog, because so many dogs don’t have homes.

I’m not going to get a dog right now, because I’m in college. But, I’ve recently been presented a great opportunity.. To run rescue dogs who need exercise.

There are A LOT of rescue dogs in the world. One of my mom’s friends owns a dog rescue, and my mom was donating food to her from her pet store. They got to talking, and my mom mentioned that I really wanted a dog to run with, and that maybe we could adopt one of her’s down the road. My mom’s friend said she had so many dogs that should go to runners. And then an idea was formed in my mom’s head. Since we can’t adopt a dog right now, why don’t I just run the dogs when I’m home to help out?

Well, since I’m home from spring break, I did it on Saturday. And I had so. Much. Fun. My mom and I took two dogs that are especially high energy – Danish and Chris.

Danish on the left, Chris on the right!

Danish is probably an energizer bunny in disguise. I was prepared to take her out until she mellowed out – but she didn’t slow down. Ever. And when we stopped, after six miles, she sat down for a second.. And then proceeded to start to play like a puppy.

She was also really good at running! Even though she pulls when walking, when we were running she just cruised along next to me, like she knew what she was doing. Seriously, a diamond in the rough.

After running them, I got an idea – why not post their pictures in the running store? Runners want companion dogs who can run. So, that’s what I’m going to do.

Who would want this face to be without a home?

Obviously, I’m never going to be able to be a dog rescue, but I hope that by running dogs for rescues, I could essentially train them to be running dogs, and increase their adoptability. When dogs are easier to adopt out, then more can be saved.

SO, that’s what I’m planning on doing whenever I’m home.  I’m thinking of talking to my high school’s track team.. Maybe it’ll evolve into something more? Maybe it won’t. I just want to help dogs get homes, so I know I’ll be doing it whenever possible.

Fellow runners, if you like dogs, maybe talk to your local rescues (usually privately owned ones are easier to work with) and see if you can get something set up? It’s fun and a great way to spice up your running!

What causes are you passionate about? Are you a dog or a cat person? How was your weekend?

Have a great Monday guys!