Spring is here on WIAW!

Hey friends!

Guess what.

..Spring is here. OH YEAH.

This is evidenced by what I wore to class, and what I wore to run:


What I wore to class today! 🙂


It was an awesome run! Consecutive 15 sec neg split miles. I felt speedy. Wahooo!

Okay, so I understand you don’t come here to see my outfits on WIAW. So, onto the random eats of this week! I am seriously bad at documenting an entire day of eats, so this week I just took pictures of things that are often in my diet! Let’s go!

PS, to go with the theme, I mainly focused on veggie pics this week.


A giant plate of grilled tofu, steamed broc, and sweet taters.


Eggs and sauteed veggies. Simple and good.


Steamed veggie sidedish, only to prove I do eat them without ketchup.. Sometimes.


Green beans, melon bowl, and sauteed veggies on tuna. Typical first lunch.


I eat grapes like nobody's business. This was full, and I downed it in 2 min. I usually bring these as snacks after class!


Green beans and a veggie burger topped with cottage cheese and sauteed veggies. Another delicious first lunch!


Sweet potatoes under greek yogurt, honey, and a lotta almond butter. A typical snack when the dining hall doesn't feed me properly.


Greek yogurt mixed with pudding mix, topped with a lotta walnuts and almonds and coconut! Nighttime snack.


No day is complete without chocolate.

Thanks to Jenn for hosting!

Also, thank you guys SO MUCH for the support on my last post. You guys are the best!

Just a heads up – because I’m going to be documenting my ultra training in my blog, I will be switching the name because my blog has changed focus to more running, less food. I will still be doing WIAW’s and posting recipes, I just don’t really feel like the name represents me anymore! More info on that later, but I hope you’ll still read!

Have an awesome week guys!

What was your best eat this past week?



Frigid Friday Faves!

Hey guys,

Last night it SNOWED! And it’s snowing as I type this. SO, I thought I’d give a theme to my Friday Faves.. Chilly winter weather and how I cope with it! LET’S GO!

Soo warm and cozy!

1. Underarmour Coldgear compression tights. I LOVE THESE. They’re seriously so great. I even wear them for nonrunning activities, as leggings when it’s cold out. They’re the best.

Uh. Thisissocute. I want this cat.

2. Warm hats! I have a league of hats that come in and out of my wardrobe. My favourite hat is one my grandma made me though, which is knitted and white. All of my hats are beanie-style.. Keeps my head warm and my hair in place! 🙂

I love oranges and have one or two a day. PLUS vitamin C pills. And the occasional grapefruit. Good news.. I won

3. Vitamin C. When it gets cold, I start needing more and more Vitamin C. It’s the only way I stay somewhat healthy over the winter!


4. Stash tea. I love this tea. SO MUCH. My favourite is the black chai with milk and the moroccan mint. Seriously, the best tea ever. The other brands of tea I drink are Numi and Tazo, but Stash surpasses them a lot.


Deeelicious oatmeal! PB, vanilla protein powder, soymilk, and of course oatmeal.

5. Warm oatmeal. I don’t think this post would be complete without me expressing my intense love for oatmeal. This is my oatmeal this morning (a la dining hall, eaten in company of rocks), and I think I might have another bowl for dinner. Obsessed.

RUNNING UPDATE: I ran 4 miles this morning and my hip felt fine! I ran at an average 9:22 pace, which is SUPER fast for me (at least since I started running, where my miles were.. 12 min?). Slow as a turtle for most, but I’m working on it. I have always had exercise induced asthma, but the more I run, the better it gets. Also, I ran a full mile at a 9:00 pace, which is a big step too. Speed work is obviously REALLY helping me and I’m seeing speed gains so quickly! Yay!

What are your favourite ways to deal with the cold? How’s your Friday going? Are you as obsessed with oatmeal as I am?

Also.. I spent like 20 min in the gym this morning trying to take a picture of my outfit. Why? Because I’ve wanted to do Fashions of my Friday for a while but I always forget to take a picture. Wanna know what these pictures reveal? That I’m really awkward. Anyways, here’s what happens when I try to take a picture of my clothes.



First picture. Shoulda left it at this, but noooo..


Awkwardness starts.


I'll try a fun picture.. Right? NO. STOP IT, ME.


Yupp. This is a failure. I know it.


I'm bad at this. I truly am.

See ya tomorrow! (I will be posting from HOMEHOMEHOMEHOME!!!!)