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Hey friends!

Have you not been seeing me for a while?

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The Nut Butter Runner has moved to Chelsea Runs!

I’ve posted a lot of fun things.. Like race recaps and another WIAW!

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Monday Runday: Sprint Edition

Hey friends!

I have been sprinting through my day (seriously, does sprinting to archaeology this morning count in my mileage?), and almost forgot about Monday Runday.

But I didn’t! Obvi lolz. Anyways, super quickly..

Miles: Just under 45, mostly long slow efforts

Usually I do around five less, but I was feeling good with the long slow runs, so it just added up. Also, my “long slow runs” are now at my old “pushing myself pretty hard” pace. Improvements yay!

I run like this, probably.

Longest run of the week: 9 miles on Sunday

This run was brutal at times, but good. I ran it outside, despite the lake effect snow the day before. The roads were snowy at some points, and this is honestly my first time ever running on snow! I liked it, but it slowed me down a lot. It took a lot more physical strength to run than normal, which was interesting. I think this is how it’ll be on trails for me – so it was good practice for my race! I think I could’ve pushed myself harder, but I really didn’t want to fall. When I left for this run, it was 14 degrees F outside.. When I came back it was 17. This is the coldest I’ve ever run in, and I’m proud I forced myself out!

This is how I look when I run in the snow.

Double day: 13 miles on Thursday

I ran 6 miles in the morning on the treadmill before class, then went out for a previously undetermined length of run after class. It ended up being seven, which was great! I PR’d my road mile time without even trying hard (seriously, I thought I was going pretty slow at the time), so I think I can smash that some time soon. Running 7 miles now feels pretty easy to me, which amazes me.

This is how I hope I look when I run one day.

Race day is coming up.

In about 13 days, I will be competing in a 10 mile trail race. I feel like I’m going to finish it strong. I feel like I’m in a super good place right now in my running, much better than I thought I would be when I signed up. I’m not nervous at this point – just super excited.

How’s your training going? How was your Monday? What’s the coldest you’ll go outside in? Do you ever look back on old you and are amazed how far you’ve come?

I’m always in awe at my transformation, honestly. Sometimes, running doesn’t feel like real life, and I get kinda scared that it’s all a dream. I really love to run, and I’m so glad I found it. The more I do it, the more I want it to be my life.. And I can’t imagine my life without it.

Have a great week everyone!


Beware of construction..

Hey friends!

Guess what?

I’ve decided to fix up my blog! My first task? Adding a blog email. CHECK! You guys can now email me at!

I’ve also updated my about me! That was really necessary. It was pretty lame before. I’m gonna add more pictures soon!

I also plan on fixin’ up my theme, adding some new pages.. All that good stuff! I’ll post again when it’s all done, but beware for the time being!

Sometime this weekend, I am also posting a RUNNING UPDATE, plus some recipes! Here’s a preview.. Running is going well! I’m getting faster!

See ya soon lovelies!