Spring is here on WIAW!

Hey friends!

Guess what.

..Spring is here. OH YEAH.

This is evidenced by what I wore to class, and what I wore to run:


What I wore to class today! 🙂


It was an awesome run! Consecutive 15 sec neg split miles. I felt speedy. Wahooo!

Okay, so I understand you don’t come here to see my outfits on WIAW. So, onto the random eats of this week! I am seriously bad at documenting an entire day of eats, so this week I just took pictures of things that are often in my diet! Let’s go!

PS, to go with the theme, I mainly focused on veggie pics this week.


A giant plate of grilled tofu, steamed broc, and sweet taters.


Eggs and sauteed veggies. Simple and good.


Steamed veggie sidedish, only to prove I do eat them without ketchup.. Sometimes.


Green beans, melon bowl, and sauteed veggies on tuna. Typical first lunch.


I eat grapes like nobody's business. This was full, and I downed it in 2 min. I usually bring these as snacks after class!


Green beans and a veggie burger topped with cottage cheese and sauteed veggies. Another delicious first lunch!


Sweet potatoes under greek yogurt, honey, and a lotta almond butter. A typical snack when the dining hall doesn't feed me properly.


Greek yogurt mixed with pudding mix, topped with a lotta walnuts and almonds and coconut! Nighttime snack.


No day is complete without chocolate.

Thanks to Jenn for hosting!

Also, thank you guys SO MUCH for the support on my last post. You guys are the best!

Just a heads up – because I’m going to be documenting my ultra training in my blog, I will be switching the name because my blog has changed focus to more running, less food. I will still be doing WIAW’s and posting recipes, I just don’t really feel like the name represents me anymore! More info on that later, but I hope you’ll still read!

Have an awesome week guys!

What was your best eat this past week?



13 thoughts on “Spring is here on WIAW!

  1. Even if your blog’s name became “The Poop Runner” I’d still be an avid reader! 🙂
    So happy spring is showing up too, I can’t wait for the oober warm weather and all the pretty flowers AND all the summer fruits!! MMMM!! 😀
    Best thing I’ve eaten this week was mongolain stir fry at a restaurant nom nom nom

  2. nom nom nom!! sooo many veggies – it’s definitely a good thing that your dining hall can at least provide those! congrats on the progression run too, WOOOT! I’m all for the more-run-less-food too. I defs think it’s been a trend with a few of us bloggers, me included! 😀 do you have an ultra picked out already, or is that more of a longer-term goal?

    • My dining hall is really good about veggies, luckily! Sometimes it seriously lacks in the protein department though. I am aiming to do the North Face Endurance Challenge 50k in June, if I’m not in California doing research! I hope I can do one over the summer, basically. After my race this weekend, I am officially going to be “training”.. But it’ll probs be a loose plan because I get bored easily, lol.

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