WIA.. A lot of in February!

Hey friends!

It’s WIAW! The last in February. Happy Leap Day though!

I’m a bit late, but it’s because I have a ton of work to do.

Just FYI, these are NOT all of my eats for one day. This is a selection of eats from over the week.

Without further ado, the eats! This is what I ate a lot of in February. I tend to go into food obsessions.. Sooo, here we go.


I ate a lot of oatmeal in February. Like, every morning and almost every night. CRAZINESS.

Chia oatmeal turned out to be my favourite recovery food!


Some awesome mudslide oatmeal was how I got rid of chocolate cravings and fueled up for AM runs.


My morning oatmeal was almost always eaten in class.


I found new ways to include veggies in my diet!


I found out that I love sauteed peppers and onions on tuna, with ketchup of course!



Broccoli WITHOUT KETCHUP. With Tamari instead! 🙂


I hid some green beans under cantaloupe even!



Bananas and nut butter were a popular snack!


On the go snacks were ESPECIALLY popular. Some cottage cheese and mashed taters, with sunflower seeds and almond butter.


Cereal and granola was also a main staple of my snackage.

Another theme I noticed was that I seem to be loving on the nut butter. I hadn’t even noticed!

Hope you guys had an AWESOME Leap Day and have a great first day of March!

I have some fun things to tell you on Friday.. Mainly some goals that I decided on.

What were you obsessed with in February? Any new goals?



15 thoughts on “WIA.. A lot of in February!

  1. I love these healthy obsessions, especially all the veggies mmm! This month, I discovered some new obsessions with venison, cashew butter, and roasted butternut squash! 🙂
    I can’t wait to hear your news on Friday!!!

  2. nut butter + cereal/granola bowls + oatmeal = the BEST “college” food!! I too lived off nut butter, cereal, and oats in college hehe, so easy and such good fuel! I’ve been eating chia oats for my post workout a lot lately as well, they’re AWESOME! don’t you love how they turn into gel? lol.

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