Five Fun Facts for Friday!

Hey friends!

I’m kinda late for a Friday post, buuuut there was so much alliteration possible I just had to.

Guess what happened to me today.

I SLEPT IN. About an hour. Until 6:50. Whaaaat?

More on giraffes sleeping later.

My theory on this is that my double 6 milers took a lot out of me. Currently I’m still feeling tired – I only ran 5 today, but I also lifted.

In college, I feel a lot of people try to get away with ignoring one of our body’s most important cycles – sleep.

Sleep is important, especially when you’re active. You need to get the right amount though – too much can do harm, and too little definitely does do harm.

Not the best motto, unfortunately.

So, here are five fun facts about why sleep is important:

1. Sleep is when your brain and body recharge, which is especially important for people who exercise and want to see gains. When you don’t sleep enough, your body doesn’t have time to repair your damaged cells from exercise, leaving you prone to injuries and slow recovery. Sleep is also when your body reduces most inflammation, which can lead to faster recovery as well.

2. When you sleep more, your bodies hormones stay at healthier levels, and higher levels of good hormones are present. This is what we want.

3. Sleep is when your immune system is in its top form. So, if you don’t sleep enough, you’ll be more vulnerable to daily viruses and bacteria, and possibly get sick more often/for longer.

4. Sleeping more reduces the amount of cortisol your body produces. Cortisol is a stress hormone which can lead to bad things. Who really wants to be stressed all the time? Not me. Less stress = happy me.

5. Studies have linked more sleep to less heart disease, diabetes, improved memory, longer lifespan, less mental illness, and healthier weights.

Okay, so now you agree with me that sleep is important, right? Here’s five ways to get better sleep:

1. Drink less caffeine, especially after noon.

2. Exercise!

3. Turn the thermostat down. It’s good for the environment, too!

4. Don’t go to bed hungry.

5. Unplug. Don’t do anything that you couldn’t do in the 1800’s for about 30 minutes before bed. Instead of emailing and blogging, turn down the lights and read a book, or study for an upcoming test. It’ll chill you out and signal to your brain that it’s bedtime.

Did you know that a koala sleeps 22 hours a day? A giraffe only sleeps about 2, taken in 10-20 minute naps.

Are you a giraffe or a koala? What helps you fall asleep? Any fun weekend plans?

It's so fluffy I'm gonna die! NAME THAT MOVIE.

Anyways, since I was a koala in a past life, I’m off to bed! I know it’s Friday, but I have a rock nerd field trip tomorrow and I have to get up early to get out on the road before it. I hope you all have a great weekend, and sleep well tonight!



21 thoughts on “Five Fun Facts for Friday!

  1. i’ve always been a morning person. so i would go to bed early and wake up early. when i first came to college, i had horrible sleep patterns. as in go to bed at 2am and wake up at 12pm. i totally hated it because i felt like my whole day was gone. reading helps me fall asleep. so when all else fails, i read!

  2. I love sleep! Napping is the best. And I agree, too many college kids stay up to late and abuse their sleep cycles (among other things…:P)

  3. Great post Chelsea!! Sleep is SO important. I took it more seriously than most college kids, but still wasn’t getting enough. Now I make sure to get 8 hours, and if I don’t I take a nap (when I can haha)! I’ve recently started splitting my workout into an AM and PM session, and I love how working out around 5-6pm gives me that “I-worked-hard-today-satisfied-tired kind of feeling and its MUCH easier for me to fall asleep earlier now. I think I’m gonna keep the double workouts!

  4. This is a great post! I completely agree, sleep is so very important. I’m a TOTAL morning person, so I have to trust myself to put myself to sleep early because I know regardless of what time I go to bed I won’t be able to sleep late!

  5. I could never be a giraffe, I love sleep!! I’m totally a morning person too, sleeping in for me is 6:30 haha I just love getting started on a new day bright and early! 😀
    Hope you have a great weekend!

    • The day is so much longer when you wake up early! I love it. It’s awesome. One of my guy friends usually sleeps until 2 on the weekends – sometimes I have to drag him out of bed at 3 to do work. But, we went to the museum today and he was like, “My day is so much longer now!” I was like, “This is how a normal person lives – during the daylight hours!”

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