Nearly Wordless WIAW 10!

Hey friends!

Happy WIAW, my favourite holiday of the week!


In case you guys missed seeing pictures of me, lolz.

WIAW came fast this week. And I actually remembered for most of my sit-down meals. As per usual, I forgot a lot of snacks.. Slash ate them on my feet (bad habit, but whatevs), so no picture. Here’s my main dishes though:



oatmeal + sunflower seeds + coconut + protein powder. in class.



tuna + sauteed veggies + ketchup.


canteloupe + grapes + green beans.


cottage cheese + cereals + coconut.

pre-ride snack:


cottage cheese + partial nanner + granola + soynuts.



mint beets + cauliflower + broc + ketchup. lame dinner.

snackage included..


soynuts + sunflower seeds. in excess.


an orange.



Also, some food from throughout the week..


oatmeal + chocoslab.


sweet potatoes + sunflower seeds + soynuts. this is delicious. try it.


oatmeal + chocoslab. again.

And my BEST EAT, post long run, pictured in detail because I was going crazy over it.


greek yogurt + banana + sweet taters + almond slices + sunflower seeds + chia = a party in my mouth.


it has layers.


this was so good. seriously. best post run food ever.

What was your best eat of the week?

Have a great Wednesday friends!



30 thoughts on “Nearly Wordless WIAW 10!

  1. That last meal looks so good to me because I’ve been craving sweet potatoes like mad!! I need to try oats with a slap of chocolate too. That sounds epic!!

  2. NOM!!!!! I love all your eats as usual, and you’re right, that sweet tater/naner thing is just RIDICULOUS. I’ve been eating sweet potatoes for breakfast a lot latley and like, dude, WHY have I never done that before??? so good. Chia seeds are fun too! And hey, no shame in eating on the go- you’re a busy woman after all! πŸ˜€

  3. I love that you eat sweet potatoes at all hours of the day, just like me! They’re awesome in everything, aren’t they? I’m glad to see you’re loving your veggies. Yum!

  4. Coconut on oatmeal?! Never thought of this..but it looks DELICIOUS! And that bowl of broccoli for dinner after a day of yummy eats totally put a smile on my face. I’m a broc-aholic πŸ™‚
    PS. that last meal looks delish!! I’d never combine sweet potatoes and greek yogurt on my own but I’m a huge fan of both so I’m sure it totally works! Props to you girl! Gonna have to try that one πŸ™‚

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