Monday Runday Four

Hey friends!

I hope you guys enjoyed yesterday’s post on minimalism. I just want to clarify real quickly though, I don’t think that minimalism necessarily works for EVERYONE, and I don’t think that there is one “right” way to run! Sorry if I came off like that at all. When I re-read, I was a bit put off. I do LOVE minimalism, but obviously it’s just a minor force in the entire sport, and I love the entire sport of running!

My life.

Anyways, it’s time for my weekly RUNNING UPDATE!

Last week, I took more no-running days than usual, and kept around the 40 mile mark (42 maybe?). But, this was because I was focusing on ENDURANCE last week, so I had several longer runs.

In fact, I had a double day on Thursday where I did two seven mile runs. LOVED it! And yesterday, I got in 9.5 miles. Not 10, unfortunately, because I had some serious DOMS from lifting on Saturday.

Running that much is something I’d never have been able to do a few months ago! I’m really happy that I’ve been able to progress so far. With only about three weeks until the big race day, it’s nice to know I can run a solid 9.5 miles while sore.

I did do some short speed work this week, and I was still able to push myself more than last week and see a gain (well.. loss) when it came to my times. Wahooo!

This week, I’m just gonna see how things go and do what my body wants. Last week, it wanted longer, slower runs and the week before it wanted to be a speed demon. Maybe I’ll do a more even split this week? We shall see.

On a slightly related note, this is how I’m motivated to do speedwork some mornings..

The girl next to me ALWAYS looks at my treadmill display (which is annoying because I generally don’t look at her’s), so I’m forced into speedwork.

How was your Monday? Are you excited for the week? Do you prefer speed/intense work, or long steady state efforts?

See you for WIAW friends!



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