Wordlessish WI8W!

Hey friends!

It’s WIAW numbah 8.

Yeah, it isn’t Wednesday yet.. But it will come. And I will be prepared. Obvi, lolz.

Wordlessish version, as is standard.

Thanks to Jenn for holding the party, of course!

And, onto the FOODS!


Togo oatmeal! Fun fact: when coconut "melts" on oatmeal, it tastes buttery. It's really good.


Granoooola snack!


Chocolate cottage cheese under rice chex for pre-riding lunch!


Plus some soynut butter, of course. See that little container? My solution to being unable to get peanut butter at dining halls. HANDY.


Post riding lunch.. Sweet potatoes and hardboiled egg whites!


With a side of veggies in barbecue sauce. NOMZ. Don't knock it til you've tried it.


Dining hall dinner fail. I made my own mustard dressing though!


My savior, aka mudslide oatmeal in a mug with chocolate on top.

These are not all of my eats.. I’ve downed quite a few fruit snacks, including an extremely large amount of grapes during class.

What was your best eat this week?

Happy WIAW friends!

PS, 7 miles in about an hour this morning.. Speedin’ for me.



17 thoughts on “Wordlessish WI8W!

  1. mmmm i love all your oats combo. chocolate in oats is like heaven in a bowl πŸ˜‰

    and i totally love the bbq sauce on the veggies! bbq sauce is my fav condiment and i always say that it goes good one everything haha

  2. given that i hate broccoli, you bet dousing them in BBQ sauce would be a surefire way to get me to eat them ahahaha. I love the coconut on oatmeal idea!!!! I have a GIANT bag of shredded coconut in my baking pantry but haven’t really gotten to use it yet – guess I know what I’m having for breakfast nom nom nom! πŸ˜€

  3. NOMS ALL AROUND. Seriously – can I have what you’re eating? I love veggies with barbecue sauce too!! Best thing I ate this week was a mocha caramel macchiato cupcake that my best friend made for me. So good!!

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