Monday Runday 2

Hey friends!

It’s that time for MONDAY RUNDAY. Aka marathon length rant about my running. If you don’t care about it.. Sorry, don’t read it! I’ll be back for WIAW. 🙂

Of course, about last week.

As I told you yesterday, I went on my longest run ever yesterday! 8.7 miles. 🙂 I planned 8, and totally could’ve gone 9 extremely happily. In fact, my last miles were all my fastest ones.

Speaking of fastness, my speed is improving noticably, and I PR’d the mile on the tread last week! I want to let myself loose on a track and see how fast I can do it. I think I can SMASH my PR, because treadmills are scary for me and I actually run on them more slowly than I do outside.. Weird?

My endurance actually felt a little down from last week during the middle of my run (hardest miles for me are 3-6, which has a lot of hills), but obviously I felt great at the end. My suitemates could not believe that I’d just done almost 9 miles when I got back.

Starting this week, I’m going to try to get more of my miles OUTSIDE. Yaaaaay! I’ve been forced inside because of complete cold intolerance/flu susceptibility/snow and ice danger. But, now that at least one of those factors is gone for now, I’m gonna brave the out of doors. I love running outside SO MUCH, and this was reaffirmed yesterday! Even though I bundled up like crazy to go out..


Underarmour tights and turtleneck + hoodie + running jacket + spandex shorts underneath. I had my hood up half the time.. Only got hot once.

Unfortunately, today is a super nice day, and it is my rest day. I’m chomping at the bit (seriously, my inner running beast is begging smart-me to do just three.. which would turn into 5) to get outside, but I know my body needs the rest, and I already cross trained/lifted this morning. It’ll help me in the long run. That’s what I’m telling myself. ALSO, it has to get nice on a permanent basis, and I’ll be laughing at the time I thought 40 degrees was “nice, warm weather”.

ALSO, as you may know, I’ve signed up for a 10 mile race! It is a trail race, and I have done some “trail running” before. On a really nice, groomed trail. That was flat. It’s how I started my running career, in fact. BUT, I’ve searched high and low for course descriptions, and it’s supposedly a flat, well maintained trail course. Sooo, I think I’ll be okay. I’m going to incorporate some trail running on our super-legitimate glen trails soon, but I’m not too worried. I’m trying to decide my footwear.. But I’ll be wearing either my Vibram KSO Treksports or my new Kinvaras (which need to be ordered.. now). I’ll keep you guys updated closer to the race.

So, I guess now I’m officially “training” for something.. But I don’t think my schedule is going to change much. I’m going to try to do more speed/tempo runs, and lengthen my long run. Ideally, I want to do 12 miles 2 weeks from race day. Why? Because I have a legit fear of not finishing, and I had that goal for myself anyways.. So yeah. The last weekend in February, I will be doing a 12 mile run. Hopefully.

I don’t think that this will negatively impact my race, because after that I will begin a slight taper. I’m not trying to set any records or be competitive in the field, honestly. I just want to see where I end up. If I come in last.. At least I finished? From the stats of the racers last year, it was a crowd of people with a lot more experience than me (I’m 20 and most people in my age group were mid-late 20s who were part of the entire race series), soooo I’m gonna be the joke of the field probably. Don’t care! I like to run, and I want to race, and this is the one I found.

Soooo, that’s my running last week. 41ish miles, PR’d the mile on the tread, signed up for a 10 mile race, ran the longest I ever have, and had an awesome time doing it.

Random Refuelage:


Vanilla chia oats! I love chia seeds, but always forget to put them in my food.. This was awesome.


Mudslide dessert oatmeal. Sooo satisfying. Better than ice cream.


Cake batter protein oats (recipe soon!) with soynut butter on top! My refuelage right after my long run.

How is your running/other sport/working out going? Any milestones last week? When’s your next race/event? What was your last hard workout?



9 thoughts on “Monday Runday 2

  1. That’s awesome you’re gonna do a 10 miler! There’s no doubt in my mind you’ll do so well 🙂
    And yay for running outdoors too! You’re a brave soul to go out in the cold haha

  2. Woo congrats on the race and the PR. I love telling people how far I’ve run on a certain day because they always seem so shocked, haha. “You ran how far? For fun?…” It’s always priceless.

  3. Yay! Congrats on an AWESOME run 🙂 I love trail running. In fact, I almost never run on the road. It’s so much easier on your joints, and the scenery is (usually) better.

  4. Congrats on the PR!! I’m so happy to hear that you think your speed is improving. That’s always exciting to notice! I’d love to do more trail races. They are a blast! Totally reminds me of XC!

  5. WOOO congrats on the PDR (personal distance record)!!!! That always feels SO good. Also, I love that you’re doing a trail race! It probably won’t hurt to do 12 miles that close to the race, different things work for everyone! I think for my last half marathon I did a 14 miler 4 weeks out. And hey, totally don’t worry about where you place! Just focus on doing the best YOU can and I think you’ll blow your own expectations out of the water 😀 so excited for you!! BTW you should do a post on how you got into minimalist running – I’m curious about it and always love hearing different peoples’ opinions on it 😀

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