Seven Sunday Things!

Hello friends!

I can’t really focus myself on a real post, so I’m just going to list out some random Sunday things that I’ve been meaning to mention. It’s Sunday, and I feel Sunday is a random day. Also, Sunday starts with S.. So there are Seven. I could’ve picked six.. But that wasn’t enough. Seventeen was too much. So here we go.

Seven Sunday Things

1. I really need new running shoes. It’s so important to keep your running shoes uptodate, and mine defs have too many miles on them.

2. Sunbutter has started to make me feel extremely ill. Wtf?! I might get an allergy test for sunflower seeds.

3. I ran 8.7 miles today. GO ME!

4. The Superbowl is today, and I will be watching it. Unfortunately, I can’t partake in the Chinese food my friends are ordering. Sad days.

5. I have been eating out with my friends more and I really like it! I’ve found one food at our fav restaurant (trashy TexMex place) that doesn’t give me digestion issues. Wahoo for trying new things!

6. I am signing up for a 10 mile race!

7. Last night, instead of going out, my friends and I watched an hour of The Next Great Baker and three hours of Chopped on my one friend’s megabed (two beds pushed together). Best thing ever.

That’s my definition of a post today. BUT, you can look forward to a post on eating out, my weekly running update, and of course WIAW this week. Stay tuned kiddos!

How was your weekend? Are you feeling random today? Tell me something random about yourself! Are you celebrating the Superbowl?



7 thoughts on “Seven Sunday Things!

  1. YES congrats on signing up for the 10 miler!!!! SO PUMPED for you!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ and yeah i’ve been feeling random lately too, but this is a good kind of random cuz its like we get an update on your whole life! I hope you’re not allergic to sunbutter too!!!!! maybe take a break from it and then eat it less often? I remember with the PB thing you became allergic to it after eating a lot of it, that’s happened to me too with strawberries, but somehow I fixed it by cutting them out for a month and then slowly re-introducing them and now I eat them like 2x a week instead of 2x a day haha. I hope you’re not allergic though!!!!

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