Wordlessish WIAW

Hey friends!

Surprise surprise, yesterday I forgot about WIAW until halfway through lunch.. Then reforgot some more.

So, this is not all my eats, but some of them! Hope you guys enjoy. 🙂


Sweet potatoes and eggs for the half of my lunch I remembered!


Salad for dinner! Awkward sneaky picture taken in dining hall.


I keep oranges and chocolate in my backpack for snack time all day.


I also snack on soy nuts! 🙂


My night time oatmeal.. Vanilla with homemade "chocolate butter". Fueling for my AM run!

unpictured eats:

breakfast oatmeal

canteloupe snack

first half of my lunch (broccoli and tuna maybe??)

lots of cereal (rice chex and granola)

probably a lot more..

So, you can see, kinda a failed WIAW. But still some pics!

Thanks to Jenn for hosting, of course! Happy WIAW friends!



6 thoughts on “Wordlessish WIAW

  1. It’s okay, I fail at WIAW all the time! I like the idea of sweet potatoes and egg whites! I haven’t had sweet potatoes in ages, but I’ve been craving them like mad lately!

  2. MM sweet potatoes and eggs are two of my favorite foods – it never occurred to me to put them together! Do you have a certain recipe you use?

    It’s so hard to remember to take pictures of what you eat, especially when you’re hungry! The extra delay can feel SO LONG.

  3. ORANGES AND DARK CHOCOLATE ARE THE BEST COMBO!!!!!! I just love that flavor combo actually, orange flavored hot coco, those breakable chocolate oranges…nommm. I love the ninja dining hall pics! I didn’t have a blog in college but that def wouldn’t have been kosher lol. Oats as a nighttime snack sounds like a really good idea right no, I’m kinda tired of my nut-butter toast. and umm you’re going to give us tthe recipe for the chocolate butter riiiiiiiiiiiight??? 😀

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