Monday Runday

Hello friends!

I actually didn’t really run today. But, I’ve decided that Monday could be a good day to recap my last week of running.

I’m going to try and get into a habit of doing this every week.. Because it’s fun to track my progress concretely!


This is how I felt about my running all week! Happy. 🙂

Anyways, last week was a 40 mile week. Felt AWESOME most of the week, even on the day I did 10 miles split between 2 runs, and yesterday.

That, my friends, is when I ran 8 miles. OUTSIDE.

It was suuuuuper nice when I woke up (late) on Sunday, so I decided to not go to the gym and run in the beautiful out of doors instead.

It was a good idea! TBH, I thought I was pretty tired going in, and that I wasn’t going to complete my run.

But, fueled by a trusty pear (my stomach does not tolerate food well in the mornings), I got out the door and ran like the wind, Bullseye! (Toy Story reference, anyone?)

Anyways, I ran almost every mile about 30 sec faster than I expected to. I did almost die going up a huge hill, but I survived and recovered quickly, because after that was my fastest mile (and no, it was NOT downhill – the route goes up and then is flat for a while, then has a sharp decline at the end).

Soooo, I was pretty happy. Other than that, it was a pretty average week. I’ve been running inside because of the stupid snow.. It was so nice to get out yesterday!

Annoying thing that happened twice though?

The girl at the gym didn’t show up for work. Wtf?! How do you just NOT show up for work? Because I have classes, I wake up at around 530 to get to the gym early. There’s a core group of about 5 girls who also do this, and let’s just say we were PISSED when we got there only to wait around for upwards of 45 minutes.

I would normally go back to bed, but I have class all day, so the morning is my only gym time. Luckily, one day I went back, got my stuff, and the Athletic Director was there early (I showered at the gym), and the other day the swim coach let me work out with them and I shortened my workout because my friend wanted me to lift with her.

Working out with the swim team was weird, but it pushed me to run faster! The guys were really intimidating to run in between, because they’re all like GIANTS.

This is how I feel sometimes..

In addition to my running, I’ve been having a more regular lifting schedule since it’s almost rugby season! Wahooo!

So, that’s my little running update for the last week.

Here’s some fuel I consumed:


Lots of 90% dark chocolate = my style.



Post 8 miler protein oatmeal, with chia AND sunflower seeds!


Tonight's delicious dessert oatmeal.. Carob, cocoa, and cinnamon. 🙂

How’s your running/working out going? Has anything annoying or super awesome happened to you lately? What was your last sweat session?

See you guys soon for WIAW!



7 thoughts on “Monday Runday

  1. I would’ve been peeved at that gym girl for running late too! Glad you stayed positive though and managed a great workout with the giant swimmers heehee 🙂
    Lovin the oat-tastic action, too! I seriously need to try a square of chocolate melted on oats one day!

  2. Ugh I hate when that happens too! That always seems to happen to me when I try to go to the gym on weekends though. I don’t get it since the gym doesn’t even open til 10!!! I hate that I drive to school to get there before the rush and then I end up waiting and it gets crowded.

    I’ve been sweating in the pool and gym lately b/c running isn’t happening 😦 but I did get a could chest/tri workout and 4,000 yard swim!

    I’m glad you had a great running week! 40 miles is great.

  3. OMG i totally would’ve hated it if I’d got to the gym and the chick wasn’t there!!! so rude. glad you were able to make it work though!! and NICE 8 miler yesterday! love the way you refueled too, the protein oats look awesome. well, all the oatmeal looks awesome haha. CHEERS to high mileage weeks, I love it! 😀

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