WIA.. When things went CRAZAY!

Hey friends!

Happy WIAW!

Yesterday morning, I did something blasphemous.

What is it?

Well, I overslept by about 30 minutes. What’s worse?

The fact that I had 8:30 class and was hankering for a 7 mile run. Let’s just say that things were a bit crazy.

Within 15 minutes of getting up, I was fast-walking with all my might to the gym. I didn’t think I could do seven miles before my 7:45 deadline. But I sure as heck was gonna try!

Wanna know what? I pushed myself. And I did it.

I managed to do all my miles negative split, and got back in my room by 8:05, outta the shower by 8:10, and on my way to class at 8:15. I got to my class 7 minutes early, with enough time to eat my breakfast!


Recycled photo, but same thing. Protein oats + massive amount of sunflower seeds. With coffee! 🙂

After that class (my only of the day), I did some homework, and then it was lunch time.


Hardboiled egg whites with ketchup on rice bread. Fun Fact: I hate hardboiled egg yolks. They taste like chalk.


Broccoli with ketchup. Yes, I love ketchup.

I couldn’t believe the day was already half over.. And I had to go work in my lab for two hours.

During those two hours, I realized that I should look up internships for the summer. So, while analyzing samples, I googled. The result? Me needing to finish two applications in a week, plus get two recs.

Soooo, I had to talk to my professors ASAP. Enter an hour of tracking down professors and looking at application materials.

It was 2:45, magically. And I needed to go riding in fourty five minutes. SNACK TIME.


Cottage cheese and sprinkles with a banana on top. Looks like an ice cream sundae! 🙂

I spent too long in the dining hall, so it was a superhero-fast change into my riding stuff when I got back to my room. I met my ride JUST in time.


What I wear riding.. Canadian Olympics vest NOT optional, lol.

Awesome, the lesson ran over.. I was cleaning my tack at 5:45 and needed to be back to campus for dinner with my friend at six. I got there at 6:05 by some miracle.


Sweet potatoes, beets, cucumbers, and broccoli "salad". Bad selection at the dining hall today. 😦

Then, back to my room. Homework and oatmeal time.


Big bowl o' butterscotch oats with honey. My happiness.

Of course, yesterday was the night I just want to GO TO BED, but I had an equestrian team meeting at 9:15. Wahooo.

To keep myself a’goin’ all day, I had snacks of bananas, oranges, and nuts. I’m too speedy sometimes to take a picture.

So, that’s WIA when things got crazy. Usually, Tuesdays and Thursdays are pretty chill, but obviously not today. ROOD.

Thanks to Jenn for holding the partayyyy!

How do you react when things go crazy? What’s the best thing you ate recently? What’s your favourite quick food?



12 thoughts on “WIA.. When things went CRAZAY!

  1. that does sound like a crazy day! but congrats on getting in all in 🙂 when things get crazy, i usually take lots of naps. just kidding. i mostly just make a schedule in my head of where i need to go and when. my fav quick food is…hmmm….probably yogurt and kind bars 🙂

  2. You, my friend, are a beast! Not only that, but you’re also a genius to put sprinkles on your cottage cheese and banana 😀 Congrats on getting everything done in a jiffy!
    Ps– I think the yolks taste like chalk too!!!
    Pps– I really wanna see your chinchilla heehee

  3. yeaaaa go girl go!!! I totally remember days like that in college, it was nuts. and there were definitely times wher the dining hall SUCKED, like, i’d eat peanut butter on toast and then go back to my room and eat oatmeal, cereal, greek yo etc. cuz I was still hungry haha. I bet your day felt so much better after you got that run in! I always had to work out first thing in college, otherwise I’d stress about when to fit it in!

  4. hey girlie!!
    the sprinkles=YUM! and so cute!
    my favorite quick food is a banana and almond butter wrap!
    I hope you’re having a great weekend!
    I wish I could ride horses at school!!!

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