Striking a Balance

Hey friends!

I had a GREAT FANTASTIC weekend. I hope you all did to. πŸ™‚

As said on Friday, I was really looking forward to going out that night. And for good reason! My suitemate, who is also in the geology department, invited over a lot of our geology major friends and we just hung out in my suite.

Truer words have never been said.

Usually, that would sound boring, but it totally wasn’t. It was low key, but we played a lot of “college games” (remember though, I can’t drink beer so I depended on others to help me in that aspect of the games). No one went crazy, no one got sick, we all just had a good time together. I got to know some people better than I did before, and we’re doing it again. Weehaw!

On Saturday, I was going to go out with my friend, but I was really tired.. So I went to her room, laid on her bed, and we talked about our lives. It was nice to catch up! And, I felt really good about my decision to not go out, even though I’d originally intended to.

Can I tell you guys a secret? In freshman/sophomore year, I will admit that I was a pretty big partier.

Real classy there, don't you think?

Not going out on a Saturday night was basically blasphemous, no matter how much work I needed to do. Grades suffered. BAD IDEA. Last semester, I just didn’t go out. I was really concerned with schoolwork and my sports, so I just threw socializing to the wind. BAD IDEA. It was good for my school work, but now I’m trying to strike a balance.

I like the balance I achieved this weekend. I had time to go out and get to know new people, spend time with old friends, run, ride, and do my homework. I got this balance thing DOWN.

Can I trade my balance for that sort of balance..?

Well, so far.

Anyways, I’m just saying, life’s all about balance. You balance running and fuel, you balance work and friends, you balance yourself and others. You balance chocolate.. With more chocolate, maybe? Anyways, without balance, I think people go insane.

Speaking of running and fuel.. I ran 8 miles this morning! On the treadmill, but it’s snowy and 16 degrees here. Usually, I hate treadmill runs, but my mind managed to occupy itself thinking about life.

Afterwards, I made a giant bowl of delicious banana oatmeal with cottage cheese.

Incorporating the banana in the oats by mashing it is the KEY.

And then.. I worked on homework ALL DAY. Balance means doing things you don’t want to sometimes, I suppose.

How do you strike a balance? Do you have struggles sometimes? Also, how was your weekend?


PS.. I really do balance chocolate with more chocolate. Behold double chocolate oats of last night.



5 thoughts on “Striking a Balance

  1. I’m not a good balancer so you’re teaching me a few things hahha. I don’t go out though to party because I don’t drink and parties here are really sketchy sometimes. I do more clubs etc πŸ™‚

  2. SO true! my freshman year I never went out at all – I mean, I really couldn’t since I ran XC and Track and we went dry and I was running like 60mpw and too tired to stay up late hah. But my life was running and school ,and therefore I was miserable. The rest of college, I had running, social life, school AND sleep and it rocked! Now that I’m home, obviously I rarely have a chance to get dressed up and go out….which is fine with me, but sometimes every once in awhile I really crave it!

    And YES to balancing chocolate w/ more chocolate! I was disappointed in my oatmeal this morning, I should’ve taken a leaf out of your book! πŸ˜€

  3. My life totally lacks balance, but I have always kinda been that sort of girl. I just go after a couple big things. However, I notice that when I am more balanced my big pursuits go better as well!

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