Happy Friday Faves!

Hello friends!

Happy Friday! It’s a happy friday for me because I’m now ONE WEEK into the semester. WAHOOO. Only.. A lot more weeks to go.

Guess what? I’m actually going out tonight and I’m excited. I got extremely disenchanted with going out last semester very early in the year, BUT it’s the beginning of a new semester. Mostly, last semester I had A LOT of class, A LOT of practice and horseback riding lessons, and NO time. Friday and Saturday nights gave me the time I wish I had during the week.

SO, I’m gonna have some fun tonight! I hope you will too!

BUT FIRST! Friday Faaaaves!

1. Sunbutter

I rediscovered this stuff like.. 5 seconds ago. And it’s still the best ever. Possibly my favourite of the butter food group? I could go through a jar of this in an hour, I’m sure.

2. My eskimo boots!

With all the snow and ice at school, I can’t believe I’ve managed to keep my feet toasty warm. But, my Sorel Joan of the Arctic Boots help me with that. SERIOUSLY, if you need winter boots, try these out!!

3. Smoked almonds from Target.

THESE ARE SO GOOD. I’ve been snacking on them all week. They’re not as smokey as salty, but still delish.

4. Cereal

I’ve been a cereal fiend in the dining hall lately. They’ve had gluten free rice chex and granola, both of which I’m obsessed with. I’ve seriously been going through cups of this stuff as snacks every day. SO GOOD and so easy. When the dining hall is barren for my dietary restrictions, I fall back on it.

It’s only four this week.. Because I’m having trouble thinking of a last one. WHOOPS. That’s what school does to ya. You have to think about rocks instead of blogging.

Anyways, have a great Friday night and I’ll see you guys soon!

What do you have planned for tonight/what did you do? Any exciting weekend things? Whatcha loving this week?



7 thoughts on “Happy Friday Faves!

  1. Sunbutter for the win!!! Have you ever tried Mara Natha brand sunflower seed butter? It’s a bit more salty tasting, but your tastebuds literally explode in happiness haha πŸ˜€
    Have a great weekend!!

  2. Hmmm.. sunbutter. I still have mixed emotions about it. I tried Mara Natha and it just seemed really salty. Or maybe I just don’t like sunflower seeds as much as I’d previously though.

    Your eskimo boots and jacket are soo cute! I miss cute winter boots 😦

  3. ok don’t hate me….I actually don’t like sunbutter lol. it’s like too weirdly sweet for me! I totally understand how other people love it though. YAY for going out!!! I really wasn’t ever a fan of crazy nights in college, but after a long bout of staying in studying for tests (like the month of midterms ughh), I pretty much CRAVED dressing up and going out and dancing! most of my friends were the same way though, and luckily we’d usually all get fed up with our schoolwork at the same times haha. And don’t worry, four still starts with an F so you are A-Okay on the friday faves! just make sure you don’t drop down to three hahaha πŸ˜‰

  4. I am slightly obsessed with nut butters, but have yet to try sunbutter. I think that will have to be on my next shopping list!!! I too LOVE those smoked almonds from target! They are so delicious!
    Love the boots! Hope you had a great weekend! πŸ™‚

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