Beware of construction..

Hey friends!

Guess what?

I’ve decided to fix up my blog! My first task? Adding a blog email. CHECK! You guys can now email me at!

I’ve also updated my about me! That was really necessary. It was pretty lame before. I’m gonna add more pictures soon!

I also plan on fixin’ up my theme, adding some new pages.. All that good stuff! I’ll post again when it’s all done, but beware for the time being!

Sometime this weekend, I am also posting a RUNNING UPDATE, plus some recipes! Here’s a preview.. Running is going well! I’m getting faster!

See ya soon lovelies!



4 thoughts on “Beware of construction..

  1. OOOH i can’t wait!!!! My bloggy blog needs a serious makeover too haha. I’m super excited for your recipes, every food pic you post, I’m always like “aah tell me how to make that, I want it!” and YAY getting faster – this is something I need deets on! πŸ˜€ can’t wait till you’re back!

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