WIA.. Whenever!

Hi friends!

So yesterday, I attempted WIAW.. But failed miserably. I was SUPER hungry and made a lot of snacks, then devoured them before they could be pictured. Awkward?

..It also may have to do with the fact that for the past two days, I’ve been reading The Help nonstop. I finished it this morning! So good. Anyways, my focus was misdirected, obvi.

Anyways, I have a shitton of random unpublished pictures on my iPhone (trusty food-picture-taker), so I thought I’d just make today WIA.. Whenever!

Happy WIAW! Thanks Jenn for hosting.

Recent Oatmeal

This morning's oatmeal.. Cinnamon chocolate topped with spiced cinnamon/nutmeg pears.


Yesterday's oatmeal. Chocolate topped with soynut butter!

Two day's ago's oatmeal..? Sugar cookie with cold crumbled almond/walnut butter. The crumbled nut butter was SO GOOD! I fridge'd it and then it got hard and crumbly. 🙂

Overflowing vanilla oatmeal with almond butter sauce. I misjudged the volume of my oatmeal that morning, lol.

Food other than oatmeal.. (Somewhat hard to believe that this exists in my life, right?)

A crumbled veggie burger on top of an egg/onion/spinach scrambled, topped with cheddar cheese. Lunch yesterday was a craving-fest.

Boring dinner yesterday.. Tilapia with purple sweet potatoes and spinach. Lots of seconds were had.. Of the potatoes. I may turn purple.

Yogurt Mashups

A crumbled cupcake on chocolate jello mix greek yogurt. Midnight snackage winnage.

Vanilla greek yogurt "ice cream" with chocolate peppermint bits. THIS WAS FANTASTIC.

So, that’s what I’ve been snacking on lately, my dears! I hope you’re enjoying the WIAW party, and I’ll see you tomorrowish with some RECIPES! (I’ve promised you a lot.. And now I will make good on that promise!

What have you been nomming on lately? Any recipes you particularly want to see? Have you read The Help?



13 thoughts on “WIA.. Whenever!

  1. yum, yum, YUM! I would very happily eat each one of those meals. Awesome WIAW girl! P.S. thanks for the ninja blender rec, I am actually thinking that it may be just what i need!

  2. YUMM you are like the queen of oatmeal!! how do you make the sugar cookie one, that sounds epically delicious! As well as the yogurt messes….I must try the greek yogurt ice cream! I tried it with cottage cheese once, it didn’t really work so well hah.

  3. I want every single one of your bowls of oatmeal and don’t even get me started on how amazing that greek yogurt “ice cream” looks

  4. I want to come over and just eat whatever you eat because everything looks SO GOOD. Holy nut butter greek yogurt oatmeal veggie burger heaven! I’ve been eating a lot of squash lately.. as usual.. but they stopped selling my favorite squash at the markets!! I don’t know what to do!!

  5. Visiting from wiaw! I am in love with oatmeal, too. 🙂 I haven’t read The Help, but I’ve been meaning too b/c I loved the movie and hear the book is better.

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