New Years Day 5K Race Report

Hello my friends!

HAPPY 2012! Wanna know how I rang in 2012?

..It wasn’t at midnight. I fell asleep because I had to wake up early.. For my first 5k race! Well. First race. Ever.

After the race! Chelsea is awkward.

To be honest, I didn’t train for this thing AT ALL, and haven’t done speedwork.. Since rugby season, I suppose. Awkward.

My mom decided I should do this to gain confidence to run a half marathon come spring.. So I wasn’t a complete n00b on race day.

It was a completely casual 5k at 9:30 AM. Being a new racer though, I wanted to get there early. So, we woke up at 7:30, I ate a banana and drank some coffee (I have a crazy weak stomach in the morning, and often can’t eat until after I exercise or for about an hour and a half after I wake up), and had all the farm chores done by like 8:25 and we were out the door! My mom and I arrived at 8:45 and not a lot of people were there yet, even though registration opened at 8:30. Unlike most people, since I was with my mom, so I barely warmed up before the 5k. Kinda a mistake, but kinda not? It was super cold, and I enjoyed being in my 3/4 length down jacket until 10 min before the start.

The registration was inside, and they had a giant table of bagels, bananas, and peanut butter. I didn’t know there would be food?! As I’d already eaten, I passed on a banana, but I did get my mom a bagel when we left. The bananas were all out post-race, and I’m gluten free, so y’know.

ANYWAYS, with my registration I got my first race number (2010 wahoo!) and a timing chip. I felt super official, and had a LOT of trouble fastening the timing chip. I seriously need a how-to guide or something. Then.. My mom and I chilled before the race. I was kinda nervous, but not overly so.

The race started promptly at 9:30, and we were off. All I can say about the course is.. HILLS. All hills. Seriously! I was either going up or down, bigtime. I haven’t done a lot of hill work lately (typical), so it was a toughy. I completed my first mile at an okay pace, considering I haaaate hills. Then.. Disaster struck.

Sooo, I used to have asthma. I thought it went away.. But apparently not. In the last two miles, I had some really bad asthma symptoms which forced me to walk. I got through the first half okay, but at the water station, I walked through, then I had to take two walking breaks after that. ANNOYING! This slowed me down a lot, obviously. Luckily, according to Felix, my garmin, the walk breaks weren’t as long as I thought, and they were just enough to keep the asthma attack at bay until I crossed the finish line.

Lol, I look hilarious when I run.

Overall, I ran a 31:56, averaging a 10:17 pace. I went into the race without expectations for myself. I didn’t know the course well and didn’t feel my best. In my asthmatic anger, I had set a new goal of 32:00 (my previous was sub 30..), which I achieved! I’m pretty happy with it, considering the asthma, the hills, and the cold. Obviously, I’m the opposite of a speed demon, but I worked hard and I think I can shave A LOT of time off of this in the future with more speedwork (virtually nonexistant in my training) and better asthma control. I finished 3rd in my division (out of 5, but that’s fine πŸ™‚ ), and all I wanted to do was not come in last.

In my next 5k, I will be more rested (hello, forgetting about the race and not taking a rest day and running 7 miles the day before!) and overall more prepared. I want to be able to run sub-9s, because.. The other day during a run, I got completely absorbed and on a runners high and busted out an 8:30 mile.

ANYWAYS, after the race I got paparazzi’d by my mom for a while, resulting in these gems..

"Fine, I'll smile. Happy?"

Trying to get off the race chip.. My preoccupation post race.

"Take it.. Please.."

Intensely having a convo with Felix.

Then, we went to Starbucks and back home for a lovely postrace oatmeal.

Dark chocolate oatmeal with pomegranate arils. SO. GOOD.

I think I rung in 2012 the right way!

How did you ring in 2012? For the runners out there, have you ever had any unexpected troubles during races?

See you latah this week for WIAW!


PS.. Smile, it’s a New Year!


8 thoughts on “New Years Day 5K Race Report

  1. Great job on the race! Perfect way to kick off 2012! You should be oober proud you did so well with Mr. Felix haha πŸ˜‰
    And those pomegranate seeds on the oats? Deeeevine πŸ˜€

  2. Way to start out 2012! I know lots of runners that have struggled with asthma only to get the right meds and be faster and happier than ever before when racing. Something will always go wrong in a race. Well, okay, maybe not always, but often. You just gotta remain calm and keep giving it your all. Well done girl!

  3. CONGRATS on your first race!!!!!! The absolute perfect way to ring in 2012 if you ask me! πŸ˜€ Honestly for having just started running this year + no speedwork + an asthma attack, that’s a fantastic time. And I definitely know you will love speedwork and you can, with time and work, shave minutes off that pace. And your race outfit is so cute! LOVE that pink jacket and your pink shoes…even your pomegranate oatmeal kinda matches πŸ˜‰ I think this sets a pretty darn good tone for the rest of 2012!

  4. Congrats on your 5k! That’s awesome! I definitely must agree that that sounds like the perfect way to ring in the new year. Oh and don’t worry, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t look a bit funny when they run. It’s either something awkward our body is doing or a really weird face.

  5. A race has to be the best way to start the year. Congrats on making it through!! I’ve had teammates with asthma who struggle sometimes in races and I feel so bad. It must be hard to deal with! But you still did it!! I think you should definitely tackle another 5k and try to beat that time. You can do it!

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