Why I know you can do it. (+ what I’m doing in 2012!)

Hey guys!

So, I’m gonna keep this short and sweet.. Ish.

I’m going to tell you why I know that no matter what your goals are.. You can do it in 2012. I know you can. And I’m a pretty smart cookie, if I do say so myself.

Let’s start with a picture..

Last day of high school. With my cat.

Yupp, that’s me. Three years ago. Shocking, right? That was my life for the majority of my life.. Overweight, awkward, unhappy. Hating myself and not knowing the way out.

Sure, I had friends in high school. A great group of friends. And, I was “the smart girl”. People liked me. I was nice. But, other people don’t make you happy all the time.. You have to love yourself to make yourself happy all the time.

My friend and I, at the Mall of America, the summer before college.

At my heaviest, I estimate I weighed about 205 lbs. That’s a BMI of 33ish. That’s obese. Scary, right?

Sure, I had a lot of excuses, and I made those excuses all the time. I would tell myself that I “carried the weight well” or that “I had a large frame”. Uhhh.. There becomes a point where excuses don’t matter. And that’s where I was.

I graduated high school before finding myself. And in college, I made a change. And surprisingly, it was pretty damn easy to make that change.. Even though it was scary to commit to.

I was out on my own, and didn’t have my comfort home food anymore. My mom wasn’t there to cook for me. I was forced to eat things that I’d never before. And I decided to join the riding team (I rode A LOT as a kid and notsomuch in high school).

First time coming home since starting my journey..

Magically.. I changed my life. Completely. The weight came off by itself.

Big change, huh? Midway through the journey, on my pony Pippin. (Yes, that is my horse!!)

I realized that there was more to life than I thought before. I got happier. I started going to the gym even! And.. I enjoyed it? What? A couple of years later, I started playing rugby and (as I result) running.. I used to hate sports and running. And now, I loved it! What??!!?

Okay.. I kinda miss not getting massive concussions from a full contact sport. This was after my first game! Haha. I collided with someone while we were trying to tackle the same person. I had that egg on my head for a week! And, I gave my teammate (now best friend) a scar.

A total of two and a half years later, I’m planning a half marathon. And I’m the captain of the riding team. Yeah, two and a half years is a long time. But, changing your lifestyle is a permanent thing that you can do. That’s what I did, and I think that the new year is a perfect time to do it. Make a little change, and it could go a long way.

Same friend, visiting me at college, two years later.

So, when you look at your resolutions this year, YOU CAN DO IT. I know you can. 2009 was the year when I made the big change, and now it’s almost 2012 and I’ve come a Hell of a long way. Will 2012 be your year?

2012 will be my year to..

Run my first race

Run a half marathon (and maybe a full??)

Improve my times and endurance

Be the best equestrian team captain I can be

Do my first three-day event

Play a new position in rugby


What’s your resolution/change you’re making?

I wish you all the best.. See you in the New Year!

Also, remember.. The past is not that important. It’s what you make of it, what you learn from it, and how you change your future because of it.



15 thoughts on “Why I know you can do it. (+ what I’m doing in 2012!)

  1. Wow I had no idea what a transformation you’ve had, that’s freakin amazing!! Your resolutions are fabulous, there’s no doubt in my mind that you’re gonna OWN 2012 πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to see all the new adventures awaiting you!
    Happy New Year, Chelsea!!

  2. Wow, great post! Not being satisfied with the way you are is a scary thing, and one that I suffer with – being anorexic. Your post has inspired me to accomplish my goals for 2012.
    Keep up the good work! Happy New Year.

    • You can do it! I totally understand your point of view. Just because I lost weight didn’t make me automatically happy – I had to heal myself and my body and learn to live. Recovering from an ED is the same as well! But I know you can heal your mind and body in 2012! Good luck and best wishes.

  3. WOW WOW WOW! I had no idea!!! omg that’s an epic journey, you are seriously an inspiration! From seeing the pictures you’ve posted of yourself previously I never in a million years would’ve guessed you’d ever been even slightly overweight. CONGRATULATIONS on such an incredible transformation! From the perspective of someone who’s been running-obsessed for years, I have to say it puts a huge smile on my face to see other people fall in love with running – and you’ve already come so far in the short time I’ve been reading your blog! 2012 is going to be a HUGE year for you, I’m really excited!! My biggest goal for 2012 is to take care of myself, mentally and physically – and to accept that fulfilling that is going to mean different things at different times. Sometimes its going to mean training hard and pushing myself when I’m not feeling motivated, and sometimes its going to mean resting on my butt for a couple days. I’ve definitely learned a lot in 2011, and I learned most of it the hard way – but I plan on putting all that knowlege to good use this year!

  4. Wow we are so similar it’s scary! I was overweight and unhappy throughout high school too and then I finally made a change and lost weight in university too. Congrats on your huge accomplishments girl and way to be such an awesome inspiration to others! πŸ™‚

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