WIAW Numbah TWO!

Hey friends!

I liked WIAW last week.

..Today, I decided to do it again.

I think I’m hooked.

(PS, this is not what I ate in a day.. Just the things I remembered to take pictures of.)

So, here we go!

breakfast + snack all day.

Off brand rice krispies.. SHWEET. Handfuls of these are shoved into my trap all the time.

post-workout oatmeal. necessary.

Oatmeal + greek yogurt + butterscotch pudding mix.. Topped with maple syrup (still obsessed, aka Buddy the Elf) and almond butter.

tea time!

Holiday tea (nutcracker something??) in a mason jar, 'cause I'm classy like that.. and we only have smallish mugs.

breakfast for dinner??

GIANT egg scramble with spinach, yellow pepper, and onions. Later topped with nooch and KETCHUP.


Cottage cheese + pumpkin + almond milk + cheesecake jello mix..

..in a puffin mug..

..topped with chocolate.

nighttime snack.

Rice cake with almond butter and honey. 🙂

I also had.. chocolate, nuts, and grabby snack things like that. I’m notorious for grazing. Especially on WASABI PEAS.

Clears the sinuses. SO GOOD.

I took Felix (new Garmin) out to the gym-bo today. It was raining like NONE OTHER, so I didn’t feel like going outisde. I intended on doing a not-long run (4-5 miles).. But I ended up doing 7 with intervals. Then I lifted a little bit and stretched A LOT because my mom left me at the gym while she went grocery shopping. ROOD.

Max HR 168, Avg HR 155, 7 miles, Avg pace 10:10.

I also figured I’d track my heartrate while lifting and stretching and shizz, so this is what I got. I don’t know if this is a proper use of a Garmin, but it works for me, lolz.

Max HR 136, Avg HR 117.

Anyways, that was my second WIAW! Hope you guys enjoyed. 🙂

What was your best meal recently? Do you have a Garmin? If so, do you LOVE IT?

..I do.

Happy WIAW! Thanks Jenn for hosting (and feel better??)!



11 thoughts on “WIAW Numbah TWO!

  1. Nice run!! I’ve never used the heart rate monitor strap. Perhaps I will try it next time I run! I’m curious to see what my heart rate would be.
    My most recent meal (well snack really) was a post workout protein smoothie made from flax milk, a container of mango tangerine yogurt, vanilla protein powder, and some peach-passion fruit jam! It was awesome, but now I’m really cold!

  2. WIAW is addicting! I defs missed doing it this week haha, I love all your creations! especially putting the pudding mix into your food, that’s always such a win…I’ve got a box of pistachio in my pantry, I think I’ll take a leaf out of your book and use it! and yessss to the garmin HRM! I can’t wait to use mine…once I can actually go for more than a few miles at a time haha

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