Happy Friday!

Hey guys!


Who’s excited?

Uh, me.

ANYWAYS, I’m up at my grandparent’s in the land of the loon.. Aka Minnesota. Aka my run this morning was really. cold. And it snowed. ROOD. I have no idea how far I ran, but I was out for about an hour and a half, and my fingers and toes went numb. I call that a proper long run while on vacation.

Unfortunately, Friday Faves will be resuming next week because.. I forgot to think about them this week. Whoops. I’ll tell you about my time in MN so far!

This is a loon! The state bird of Minnesota.

We got in yesterday after a long day of traveling, and immediately went to go see my mom’s younger brother’s family. We sat around and talked for a while and stuff, then my little cousin brought out her lizard. Its name is Philippe and he’s super flippin’ cute. I held him for like.. Forever. He’s a leopard gecko.. But he doesn’t speak in an australian accent. BOO.

He's sooo cute!

Anyways, when we got back, my grandparents immediately made us dinner (it was 4 o’clock and I hadn’t eaten ALL DAY.. except breakfast oatmeal of course). THEN, they brought out the most exciting thing.. Gluten free/dairy free cookies pour moi!

Gooey fruity chocolate bottomed bars.. Nom.


Cranberry sugar lemonish cookies. Perfectly bite sized. 🙂

They’re SOOO good. One is a coconuty-fruity-thing with chocolate on the bottom, and the other is some sort of sugary-lemony-thing with cranberries in it.

Today, I went on my run first thing, made myself some oatmeal, and then sewed with my grandma. My mom bought me jeans that were LONGS because that’s the only size they had left, so we brought them up specifically to get hemmed.

Perfect oatmeal! Mixed with greek yogurt and PUDDING MIX! Butterscotch, to be exact. Delicious.

Now, I’m straight chillin’ with my grandma. My grandpa and mom are out shopping, and now there’s nothing to do. I’m trying to convince my cousins to come over.. But alas, they have other things to do. Ridiculous!

Anyways, I looked up half marathons in MN because I always visit my grandparents over the summer. I officially think I may be doing the Twin Cities 4th of July half marathon, which I’m hoping will be my second or third of the year. I still need to find one to do over spring break and maybe one for the beginning of the summer after that. From what I’ve gathered from my running performance so far, I really like to do slowish, longer runs. I’m bad at speedwork. I’m hoping that by running a half marathon and a marathon, I’ll be able to pick one I like running and go with it as a life-time sort of thing. Then, I’ll have two life sports (running and horseback riding) to work at, and I won’t miss being a rugby player.. Which I can’t imagine doing all my life.

Soooo, that’s what’s up in the land of the loon. I know I’m a bit rambly and stuff, but tomorrow I may be back with a recipe for granola bars that I made the other day, or something to that effect! I hope you guys are having a great holiday break (if you’re on it)!



6 thoughts on “Happy Friday!

  1. That loon bird is pretty! Sounds like you guys are having fun with the g-rents, and noshin on some grand food 😉 I mean that oatmeal?!?! Perfection.
    Have a great Christmas eve eve!

  2. loons! there were tons of loons when I lived in Maine too! I bet MN is gorgeous, and it sounds like you’re having a relaxing time with your fam 🙂 And I’m loving all this long run business and race looking up! I’m like you….I mean, I do speedwork but its not fun, I’m definitely wired for the longer races as well – and thank god running is a sport you can do your whole life!

    Oh also, LOVE pudding packets in oatmeal!! I put the cheesecake one in my smoothie a few days ago, it was da bomb! 😀

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