Birthday birthday birthdayyyy!

..Was yesterday.

And relatively boring.

Oh well. My cat wore a bow all day to make up for it.

The cuuuutest kitty ever. And no, she isn’t a kitten, she’s like 8. She’s just tinyyy.

I got some new riding gear (kerrits tights and winter gloves for any horsey people), some awesome Express jeans, a sweater, and LEG WARMERS. Uhhh, I love leg warmers. Helloooo wearing non-boots again.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to go riding. My trainer went foxhunting. ANDDD, this morning I was supposed to have a lesson, but she forgot that she had a doctor’s appt, sooo.. I am le sad.

..Unideal birthday aside, TO THE EATS!

Breakfast! Chocolate oatmeal (same recipe as my pomegranate oatmeal) with STRAWBERRIES! My mom got them for me as a birthday treat. 🙂
Homemade granola bar snack! Several of these were devoured during the day.. (Recipe up soon!)
Preworkout purple okinawan sweet potatoes and cottage cheese.. Nomz 🙂

(insert random refuelage until dinner.. hunger monster came out and carby carbs were shoved in my mouth before being pictured, lol)

GIANT bowl of cauliflower with nooch, pepper, garlic powder, and KETCHUP. Yes, this is weird. Yes, this is delicious.
Dinner.. Sweet potato and spinach bake made with greek yogurt (higher protein + less lactose = happy me!). This was DELICIOUS.

(insert dessert of gf+lactose-intolerant friendly cheesecake.. forgot to take a picture of it, but it was a success so the recipe will be up SOON)

Greek yogurt + cocoa powder. Chilled, then whipped up and topped with BIRTHDAY SPRINKLES and peanut butter.

Want to know what’s unfortunate? I’m pretty sure I’m becoming allergic to peanuts.

I eat peanut butter ALL THE TIME at school. Because of my food allergies, it’s necessary for me to get enough to eat. But, because of this, I think I’m suffering from overexposure and therefore my body has started having allergic reactions to it.

Sounds weird, right? I’m prone to it, apparently. I became allergic to apples this way. I ate several every day for about a year and a half, then one day I had a severe allergic reaction to it. I believe I had had less severe ones before and hadn’t noticed it. Buuut, that ended my apple eating.

My tongue started swelling after I ate my peanut butter, which I had been noticing at school too. I had thought this had been happening from too much salt in the pb, but today was the first time I’d had a good amount of peanut butter since I’d come home and it happened immediately after. Coincidence? Probs not.

Obviously, I’m going to my doctor to get an allergy test, but I know my allergies pretty well. So, it may be the last time I’ll have it for a while.

..Luckily, there is still cashew and almond butter. I mean, I am the NUT Butter Runner, not just peanut butter.

Well.. There was cashew butter. Lol.

ALSO, yesterday at the gym I had a hankering to run on the treadmill. Weird, right? At school, I cannot stand the treadmills. I had started cross training, but it just felt ugh and I wanted to MOOOOVE, so I ran in my vibrams.

Socrates wanted to be in this post since Digit was.. So she poses with the vibrams.

I realized how my feet had weakened since I’d stopped running in them. Running on the treadmill wasn’t mental torture, surprisingly. I got in my groove and went. Of course, I’m not replacing my outdoor runs with treadmill runs ever, but I might incorporate some more barefoot treadmill runs SPARINGLY into my routine to keep my foot strength up.

Socrates agrees with running more in them.

Okay, so that’s all for now. I hope you enjoyed my first WIAW! 🙂 I had fun. Thanks Jenn for hosting it!



16 thoughts on “WIA on my BIRTHDAYYYY!

  1. Those purple sweet potatoes had me wigging out! That’s amazing!!
    Sounds like your birthday was epic, you got some great stuff too!
    Oh and I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed that you’re not allergic to peanuts…I think I would die without PB in my life haha

  2. Your dinner and dessert sound soooo good!! The strawberries on the oats look delicious as well – I miss my summer strawberries! I really hope that you’re not allergic to peanuts. That would be devastating for me! Happy Birthday!!!

  3. Just found your blog 🙂 … my doctor is starting to think I’m peanut-intolerant along with lactose, or possibly celiac. Food aversions ARE SO ANNOYING! I wish we could all just eat whatever we wanted like most people 🙂

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! hope you had a great day! Your cat is absolutely adorable. love the bow on her!
    And where did you get those purple sweet potatoes??!!?! they’re so pretty! I would love to try some (mostly just because they’re purple 🙂 )

  5. Happy Birthday and welcome to WIAW! It’s such a great group to be a part of and you’ll meet so many new friends. I’ve been chowing down on pomegranates this week as well. So far they’ve been added into my protein pancakes and Greek yogurt. Love them!

  6. soo much greek yogurt, I love it!! High-five for lactose intolerance haha, but I love love LOVE that dessert idea – froyo with more protein? definitely a win. 😀 I didn’t know you had/ran in Vibrams!! I’ve always kind of toyed with the idea…do you ever plan on moving to running in them exclusively?

    • I probably will never run in them exclusively, but I try to run in them at least once a week to keep my feet strong! I used to run exclusively in them over the summer when I was trail running, but my feet don’t like them as much on manmade surfaces. I ran injury free in them, and I wish I could do more trail running to keep running in them! For now they’re my treadmill/speedwork shoes.

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