Workout Re-evaluation

Hello my friends!

Big news: I OFFICIALLY HATE THE TREADMILL. For the past few weeks, I’ve been secretly avoiding it in my workouts. Today, I forced myself on and realized.. I hate it. I don’t wanna do it. Well, remember my post about not doing things you don’t wanna do? After about a mile of being bored out of my mind and glaring at everyone who walked within 5 feet of me, I stopped.

After about 2 minutes of musing, I made my official decision. I will not run inside on the dreadmill unless I feel like it. Instead, if I can’t run outside for my workout (increasingly a possibility since it’s cold and poopy out), I will put in my miles on this magic machine:

Non-elliptical of the foooture.. My new love.

What is that? Why, it’s an Adaptive Motion Trainer! DUH! Basically, it’s a super fancy elliptical that allows a wide range of motions that you control. So, you can go from having a long stride length to stair stepping to a long backwards stride to a short forwards stride in like .2 sec without a push of a button. I really like this machine. It feels almost like running, and I can do other cross training things on it, like simulating running backwards up a hill (WHICH IS HARD TO DO), step training, etc..

I think this machine will really increase my fitness for rugby a lot, and even help with my running. It makes me feel like I’m getting a great workout, while my treadmill workouts usually only make me feel so-so. This thing will be my new go-to at the gym when I can’t run outside.

I’m hoping to be able to try and get out for two-three runs/week over this winter. This will be hard because I hate the cold, but I’m gonna have to suck it up because I really love to run outside. We have to sacrifice for the things we love, eh?

This is why I love running. I love watching the sun rise feeling the fresh air in my lungs. I do NOT love pounding out miles in the hot sticky gym.

So, that’s where I am workout-wise. After my treadmill realization, I did a great 30 min workout on the AMT which got my heart a’pumpin like none other! It’s hard to describe the workout, but I’ll try to eventually.

I then did a little bit of legs in the form of 50 wall squats and some leg presses. Theeeen, I was pooped so I left the gym, happy with my new plan.


Tired but happy!

Do you ever get tired of doing something at the gym and need to change it, or do you stay away from routine to avoid this? What’s your favourite thing to do at the gym? Do you like running on treadmills?



10 thoughts on “Workout Re-evaluation

  1. I hate the treadmill too, but I actually do really like that machine! If I am doing cardio inside I will choose that one over anything else. It’s also nice because it’s similar to running but without the impact.

  2. True story: I have never run on a treadmill before. Which is saying somethin, since I pretty much do nothin but run year round! I will go out in excessive heat, cold, wind, rain, snow…I ran in a thunderstorm once (don’t do that I had to call my mom to come get me lol)…before I get on the TM. I totally agree, if I have to be inside, I’m cross-training! Running in the cold kinda sucks, but you will warm up faster and more than you think – its def getting out the door thats the hard part!! And that machine looks really awesome – I’ve never had a gym that had one before!! wish I could try it!

  3. I’m not a fan of the treadmill, but I’m willing to do it. I really only hate it for the time that I’m on it. I feel really great afterwards! That elliptical of the future is sick. There are a whole bunch of crazy ellipticals at my new gym so maybe that is one of them!

  4. I totally know what you mean. I used to run on the treadmill all the time during the winter because I absolutely hate the cold. but i realized how much I hate it and have started forcing myself to bundle up and run outside, which was the best decision! I love running outside!!!

    I’m so glad I found your blog! I’d love it if you would check out my new blog!

  5. OMG! I was going through blogs and stuff and found yours and OMG! You look just like my sister! Haha! Except you’re a bit tanner and have darker hair! But that’s the only difference! Wow! I don’t have a blog anymore, but I’ll post it if I make another (if you’re interested haha). My sister was never in my blog though.

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