Little Things for the Runner

Hi friends!

So, apparently an awkward thing happened and my scheduled post didn’t post.. Because I forgot to hit submit or save or whatever. Me + technology = not the best. WHATEVER THOUGH. I’ll save that post for another time!

Since it’s time for the hooolidays, aka my favourite time of the year, I thought I would put out a little gift guidance type thingy with little things you could get for a fellow runner, or that you may want to put on your Christmas list. Some of these things are on mine, because I asked for one big thing (GARMINGARMINGARMIN), but then my mom was like, “..What else?” So, I had to figure out other little suggestions.

Chelsea’s Ho-ho-holiday Gift Guide

(All images are linked to the site of their origin, where you can buy the products themselves!)

(Also, I don’t have an affiliation with running warehouse.. I wish I did!)

1. A hat or ear warmer with a ponytail slot. Uhhhh, I need one of these. My hair always gets so messed up when it’s in a hat while I’m running, and going without a hat is poopy. Yeah, POOPY. We don’t want poopy.

2. A new waterbottle. Idk about you, but sometimes I want to change it up. Also, it might be nice to have a dedicated running/gym water bottle to leave in a gym bag, and then one to bring around with you. A third might be nice to, to like keep in your car. And a fourth.. That’d be helpful too! Conclusion? Waterbottles are the ultimate gift. Everyone needs water. And you can’t have too many.

3. Energy bars/chews. Uh, runners buy these for themselves. A lot. Why not save them a few bucks and buy them for them? I mean, YOU KNOW they’ll like it. These could make great stocking stuffers along with ridiculous amounts of candy. Feeling creative about it? Make some homemade energy bars (that’s THREE different recipes) with your favourite runner’s favourite things in them, and wrap them up to look pretty and cool! They’ll appreciate the change and the thought. 🙂

4. Compression leg sleeves/socks. These are cool and relatively new (well.. compared to the fact that we’ve been running since we became a species) to the running world! They are supposed to help with recovery, so your favourite runner can avoid super soreness after those long runs. And, they come in cool colors.

5. Running gloves. Okay, so it’s not like horseback riding where you NEED gloves.. But running gloves are nice for those super chilly days! I know that after long runs in the cold, sometimes my hands get a bit numb and it’s annoying to try and make breakfast after. Running gloves = solution.

6. Reflective things. There are all kinds of reflective gear out there, but oftentimes it’s looked over as a running essential. Picking up your runner a set of arm/leg reflective bands will help them be safer when running in the early morning/evening and may save their life!

7. Phone armbelt. While I don’t condone listening to music and running on the road (sorry if you do it, but it’s seriously dangerous.), I do think that runners should be able to bring a phone with them in case of emergency or an injury. I feel SOOO much safer when I have my phone with me (usually only when it’s cold so I have a jacket on), so this is defs on my Christmas list.

Neon is cool.

8. Shoe laces. Shoe laces get worn out. They break. It’s sad. Your runner is out of luck until they can get to the store. BUT WAIT. You gave them shoe laces for Christmas.. And you saved the run of the day! Yayyyy! You’re practically a super hero.


9. Running books. Runners love to run.. And they usually enjoy reading about running too! I love the book Born to Run, and there are a lot of others out there. Just google “best running books” and like a billion will pop up.

So, there we go! A nice little selection of little gifts for a runner. And now.. Time to go back to doing work! I’m super duper swamped, but I’ll write some posts up this week to procrastinate FOR DEFINITELY.

Anything you’d like to add to the list? Anything you want from the list? What do you want for the holidays? How’s your week?

See ya guys later!!



10 thoughts on “Little Things for the Runner

  1. Ooh what a great post! Thanks for the link too sista! 🙂
    I gotta say, I get weak in the knees for neon shoelaces…I may or may not own three sets haha
    I can’t wait for Christmas, it can’t get here soon enough!

  2. Love this!!! I gotta say, I don’t know where I would be without my gloves, ponytail-friendly headband, and compression socks! I should probs ask for that phone thing, I have a tendency to go for runs without even taking my ID…oopsss. And Born to Run is such a great book!! If you’re looking for another one to read once your finals are over, get Once a Runner…its my all-time fave! and super inspiring! 😀

  3. I love the idea of laces!! I actually really want running mittens. They keep your fingers warmer since they’re all together! I really like running books too. I buy them faster than I can read them, and I haven’t even read born to run yet!

  4. Unfortunately I am not a runner, I am more of a book-addict 🙂 However my sister runs (or I hope so, because I haven´t seen her for 8 months), so those tips may come useful 🙂

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