LOLCATs on Sunday..?

Hey guys! Confession. I’m feeling a bit silly today. So I’m gonna attempt to make you smile.. With lolcats.

Caution: This post has been invaded by lolcats, because college students love to procrastinate during finals.

Sorry about the lack of post yesterday, I really thought I was gonna get one in! Oh well. C’est la vie. Anyways, yesterday I went to a MUSEUM on an optional (nerd) field trip to see MINERALS. Uh, Iwassoexcited. Minerals are definitely my “thing” in geology. We left pretty early, but luckily it was my rest day so I didn’t try to fit in a run before we left. We were there FOREVA. We got back to campus at 4:30ish, riiight as it was getting dark. I was supposed to do other things yesterday, but being on the field trip an extra couple of hours threw me right off schedule. Oh well! The second I got back, I ate because I was starving. I had forgotten to bring my own food on the trip, and we stopped at a place that literally had no options for me. They were even out of salad. BOO.

So basically, the day flew by, and I had to study hardcore last night, so I didn’t have time to post.

THIS morning, I got started on the right foot. I woke up earlyish (730), bummed around my room for a little, and then decided I really wanted to go running OUTSIDE. It was a bit chilly, but I bundled up and headed out for a 5 mile run that I’ve been wanting to try. It was so fun! Well, at least, in retrospect. The first part of the run was SUUUPER hilly, but the last 2 miles started with a huuuuuge downhill, a little uphill with about 1.25 miles left, then a nice little downgrade for the last part. It was good after working my legs so hard for the first part, because at that point in the run, I was considering walking home. So the downhill was nice! I finished in a fastish time for me, which made me happy.

I came back, showered to warm myself up (I cannot eat right after runs or I vom), and then made myself some cake batter oats. (Sorry, there is no oatmeal lolcat. Trust me, I searched.)


Oats and chia seeds made with almond milk, mixed with vanilla protein powder, topped with cashew butter. It takes like cake batter!

These were deeelish and prepared me for my long day of studying. Sad, right? Studying has become my life now. Since it’s almost finals, I have something to do for every. single. one. of my classes. Interestingly, I think it’s made me more productive, because whenever I get bored of studying something, I have three other things to pick from to do. Sounds fun, right? Not.

Me in a week and a half.

Aaanyways, thanks everyone so much for your comments on my last post! I am horrible at responding to comments right now, but know that I appreciate them MUCHO! You guys are so awesome, and it makes me feel so great to know that someone’s actually out there reading.

Okay, I’m a bit lolcat’d out. I admit it. I hope you guys don’t hate me for lolcat’ing you out. I hope it at least made you smile?

Do you like internet memes (things like lolcats)? What’s your favourite? How’s your Sunday been?

I hope you guys make the most out of the last of the weekend! I will be using it to study.



4 thoughts on “LOLCATs on Sunday..?

  1. Bahaha lolcats are my LIFE! 😀 They keep me sane during studying haha
    I hate how studying has sucked the life out of me too, I always forget how nasty this time of year is. At least it’s almost over though, we’re almost there!! WOOO!!! 😀

  2. Omg but actually…..I am OBSESSED with lolcats. I even have inside jokes with a few of my friends where we “speak” like lolcats…greeting each other like “O HAI” etc hahah ok that just revealed my total nerdiness.

    Good luck with your finals!! Ugh I remember the study madness all too well. Last year I had 3 of my hardest finals all on the same day….the weekend prior to that was probably the worst of my life. Now its just really funny watching my facebook news feed blow up with all the stressed-out statuses of my friends who are still in undergrad! BUT with fuel like cake batter oats (and running – always a huge stress reliever for me!), I’m sure you’ll BEAST them!

  3. OMG I love lol cats. My mom is obsessed with cats so I always find pictures to send to her. I feel you on all the studying this weekend, finals stink! Your blog is awesome and I definitely want to steal your recipe for cake batter oats, they look absolutely delicious! 🙂

  4. Hahaha I love lolcats. Especially the running one – true story. At least that’s what I think I look like! My favorite lately are the “instruct me how to Douglas” instead of “teach me how to dougie” type ones with the colonial men. Not sure what it’s actually called but they are hilarious! I keep finding them on pinterest.

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