Five Goals!

Hey guys!

I’m going to interrupt the regularly scheduled programming of five friday faves for FIVE FRIDAY GOALS! Since it’s a new month, I’m doing what a lot of bloggers did yesterday, setting goals for myself for the month. I’ve been lamely attempting to address some of my faults, but this month I want to pick 5 and stick to changing them.

SO, here we go!

1. Stop eating out of containers. THIS IS MY WORST HABIT. Whether it’s nut butter, yogurt, cottage cheese.. I always just end up taking little spoonfuls of it throughout the day. I’m also really bad with nuts and chips. It srsly needs to stop. Instead of realizing, “I’m hungry” and grabbing the closest thing to me (usually my beloved PB jar) and GOING AT IT, I want to smartly decide what I want and not eat it out of the container. It’ll be tough. But I can do it.

..Maybe I'll turn into a hamster if I eat too much PB from the jar. That's a drawback, right?

2. Read two books for fun. I have been wanting to read Room and The Help since the summer. Seriously. At college, it’s so hard to find time to read, but I’ll be going home soon and I can defs get through them, I believe.

3. Be on time a little bit more. I have a horrible habit of being late to everything (except my 9am class, in which case I’m an hour early). My mom’s the same way, and I don’t want to be known as “the late one” forever.

That's a cool clock. Maybe if I had one of those, I'd look at it more and realize I was gonna be late.

4. Spend more time with my friends. When I’m stressed, I turn into a legit hermit and hide in my room/our science center. This week, I realized I hadn’t seen one of my suitemates WHO LIVES ACROSS THE HALL for two and a half weeks (only one of which I was on break for). Ummm, that’s ridiculous. But, when I get busy, I convince myself the world is ending, leave my room at 6AM, and then don’t come back until 9PM.

5. Be more decisive. I mainly mean this in a sense of what I’m going to do at the gym, but ideally decisiveness will spread to my life. Why? Because I’m the most indecisive person ever. It takes me 30 min to decide when to eat lunch. Problem.

This is me. All the time.

So there ya go! This is what I’ll be working on this month. Some things will be a real challenge (not eating out of containers..), while I think others will be completely easy as long as I plan ahead (being on time and spending time with friends).

Even though I didn’t do Friday Faves, it’s still FASHION FRIDAY! This is actually my outfit from yesterday, because I forgot to take a picture today. BUT, I like this outfit better anyways.


I really like that purple sweater.. Can you tell? Also, that is my fav red hat!!

And, I leave you with an interesting fact. I almost fell off the treadmill this morning while sprinting. I tripped over my own feet. Treadmills are dangerous things, guys. BEWARE.

Danger danger.

Wait, I lied. I actually leave you with my first attempt at not eating out of a container. Instead of nomming on PB, I made myself a fudge-topped rice cake for my dessert. Yes, a bit of a pathetic dessert, but I have food allergies and making this was easier than baking. And it was deeeelish.

A delish way to start out achieving my goals..

Are you working on any bad habits that you have? Have you ever tripped yourself while running?

See you tomorrowish!



9 thoughts on “Five Goals!

  1. love all these goals! Omg I also have a huge problem with randomly nomming on things…pretzels…swiping my finger in the pb jar….urrgh a real sit-down snack would be much more satisfying haha. And the makeshift dessert actually sounds delicious!

  2. OH my gosh, I am seriously the worst about eating out of containers. In fact I just finished eating ice cream out of the container. Sometimes I make “meals” just out of eating out of containers because I don’t feel like using dishes. It’s such a bad habit and leaves me so much less satisfied. It needs to stop!!

  3. I’m sure you will do great with your goals! I love to read but sadly have just had too much going on lately. Over winter break I would love to be able to pick up a (non-school related) book again!

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