Workout Wednesday!

Hello friends!

I only have time for a short post, but I thought today should be WORKOUT WEDNESDAY. I had a really awesome workout today and just feel like sharing it! But first, I have to tell you guys something. I’m officially addicted to oatmeal.

First of all, my oatmeal tasted REALLY good yesterday. Idk why. It was the same oatmeal I eat every day. But it was DELICIOUS.


Normal oatmeal.. So delicious.

Second of all, when I got to the dining hall this morning.. There was no oatmeal. LE GASP. I asked them about it, and they said they had RUN OUT. What? WHAT?! You ran out of my delicious carbs? Rude. ROOD. So.. I walked across campus to the other dining hall.

I know this seems a little extreme, but my oatmeal is the way I get a great carb boost after my morning workout. Because I can’t eat gluten, a lot of options aren’t available for me, so I have to be a gluten-free carb-finding ninja in the dining halls. Without the carbs, I get cranky and fall asleep during my mineralogy class, which no one wants to deal with. Ergo, I trekked to the other dining hall, and got my delicious oaty carbs. Wahoo! I also had a treat of crunchy PB on my oats, because only that other dining hall (which I don’t usually go to in the morning) has crunchy PB. So, it was a double win. 🙂

So, what exactly was this workout that had me ravenously after carbs?


9 min mile warmup
2 miles HIIT (fastest pace at 8.0 mph, which is FLYING for me.. most of the time my fast interval was around 7.0-7.5 though)
20 min elliptical cooldown



reverse crunches
side crunches (each side)
min plank
normal crunches with my legs IN DAH AYER (remember that song?)
bicycle crunches
baby pushers


Quick legs:

50 squats
25 box jumps


This workout left me tired and feeling greeeeat!


Happy runner!

I will likely be sore tomorrow. Afterwards, I had my delicious oats, protein powder, and PB with my coffee and morning fruit. All while working on a paper! Which I must attend to now.. But first, my outfit for the day!


I look slightly scared.. But I'm not I swear!

Do you ever have those days where you just wanna push yourself? Do you like being sore? Is there any food you can’t live without?

I had one of those days where I felt great and wanted to push myself. And tomorrow I’ll embrace the soreness and know I did something that is helping me get stronger and faster, instead of just wasting my time “getting in the miles”.

See ya friends!



6 thoughts on “Workout Wednesday!

  1. DUDE killer workout! I LOVE the soreness after an intense routine, it makes you feel like you’ve really pushed yourself that extra mile. 🙂
    BTW–just you mentioning how delicious the crunchy pb was in that oatmeal made me drool haha And I totally would’ve walked across campus for my oats too 😉

  2. Great job on the workout! Soreness = goooooood. And when is oatmeal never delicious?! XD I love the feeling of being sore, regardless of whether it’s a result of running or strength training. I don’t think I can live without spinach gakdj.

  3. NICE workout!! Love the abs, I’m totally stealing that cuz I need to work my abs today! 😀 and yes, being sore is my absolute favorite feeling in the world. If I told that to any of my friends in my real life, they’d be like “wtf, you’re WEIRD” so I’m glad there are others like meee :-). I love your outfit too! all your outfits are so cute! and yes yes yes to oatmeal. Everyone thinks you need mostly protein after a workout, but for running, it really is all about the carbs, and you’re doin it right. I’m not suprised you’re addicted after seeing all the delicious combinations you’ve come up with!! 🙂

  4. I need to try that workout!! I love crunches with your legs in the air – it burns so good!! I love those days when pushing yourself just comes naturally. They don’t happen often, but when they do I feel so good afterwards!!

  5. ur such a babe! just had to say that lol.
    i feel the same way without the carbs. right away i know i haven’t eaten enough carbs because i get cranky too, and my focus weans…then i feel like im in a daze and become wired/tired at the same time 😛

    xoxo ❤

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