Fun Fact: I am completely unfocused.

Hey friends!

I WANT BREAK TO BE HERE SO BADLY. Seriously. I have a paper to write.. I’ve been trying to write it for three days. But, guess what? It’s one page long. One out of six pages. And I don’t know if I can finish it.

Why? Because my brain is burned out and I can’t synthesize words anymore. Does that happen to anyone else? I’m having a maaaaajor problem with writing this.. And I probably will continue to not write it until the very last moment.

Let me give you a quick list of what I’ve done to procrastinate writing this essay:

1. Sporcled. I do not Sporcle.

2. Found new blogs to read.

3. Caught up on all of the blogs I like.

4. Found new winter boots.

5. Bought a new part for my oven at home.. Which apparently broke the other day. D:

6. Slept.

7. Sat in my bed and stared at my essay..

8. Sat at dinner making faces at my best friend.

9. Study for my mineralogy test in two weeks.

10. Looked up grad schools.

UHHH… Unproductive. And guess what 11 is?

11. Wrote this post.

Darnit. I’m writing this paper.. Maybe.

But first, a chihuahua in a turkey costume:

I will never do this to my dog. But, this will endlessly amuse me.

Also, tomorrow I’m back to running! My hip is feeling better after a bit off.. So we’ll see.

Hope you enjoyed my completely random procrastination post!



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