Running Goals.

Hey guys!

Recently, I’ve set myself some new running goals. There are a lot of reasons for this, but mostly because I’ve been super unfocused and therefore, my training has been all over the place. Sometimes even in a bad way (junk miles just cause, poor excuses for cross training, lifting for no apparent reason).. So I’m going to give myself some goals that I plan to stick to diligently. I still don’t have a specific training plan, where everything is laid out day to day, but I do want to make sure a few things happen every week, and it will be at my discretion based on how I feel and my schedule when these things will get done.

So, here goes! My current running goals are:

1. Run a half marathon in the summer. YES, it’s far away, but it is my main goal, and I hope I can get there.

2. Run a 5k within the next 4 months. I really want to start to get into racing!

3. Stop being a baby about it. Sometimes, I really have no reason to stop running or whatever.. But I do anyways because of fear that something bad might happen. I really need to STOP IT and PUSH MYSELF. Within reason, of course. Pushing myself is the only way I’m going to get to goals 1 and 2, so I better make it a priority.

To complete these goals, I have a plan, as I said earlier. These are guidelines, and I think they’ll help me get the most out of running:

1. Get in around 30 miles per week.

2. Take a break when I don’t feel up to running by cross training. But don’t cross train too much.

3. Don’t beat myself up if I’m too tired or busy and have to miss a workout. It’s fine.

4. Fuel myself more with the RIGHT fuel to prevent injury/overtraining.

5. Add more speed workouts into my training.

6. Run outside when I can. (I often have a problem with this because the treadmill is SO PREDICTABLE.)

7. Don’t put in junk miles and workouts. Have a purpose for everything.

8. Lift when possible, and enjoy it. Try to make gains which will make me a stronger athlete.

So! That’s where I am right now. I’m trying to find a 5k to run when I’m home for upcoming breaks, but we’ll see. I’m really motivated and excited right now.. So we’ll see how it goes! Any tips for me?

Do you set goals to focus yourself? What’s your current goal, if you have one?

See you soon with a newly perfected recipe! (Hint.. CAKE!)



8 thoughts on “Running Goals.

  1. LOVE these goals!! they’re definitely all fantastic, I’ve got no doubt you’ll be rockin that 5k 🙂 I definitely set goals for my workouts – with running my goals aim to balance pushing myself to get faster as well as reigning myself in cuz I get too excited and run too much and too fast a lot of times….aaand that’s why I’m injured right now lol. That’s my current goal, to start running again and not be dumb/hurt myself again! 😀

  2. Great post! Its always great to make goals, helps keep me on track so much better. Good luck on your 5k! I have done a couple and have absolutely enjoyed them. I definitely want to pick another one to do sometime in the future but man, things have been busy!

  3. Chelsea! I’m glad that I found your blog. You should run the Santa Shuffle with me and some of my friends on December 3 in London! We are dressing up and doing it for fun, so I’m not sure if you want a FUN 5k or something to challenge yourself. I personally don’t LOVE 5ks cuz I am more of a (slow and) steady kinda girl, but I’m going to do it anyways! I have an outfit–took a picture of it for my blog yesterday actually!–and am really looking forward to it, but obviously hoping it’s ridiculously warm for December or something. Let me know if you want in!

  4. Girl you can definitely run a 5k – noooo problem 🙂
    Also, ANYONE can run a half marathon – you just gotta believe in yourself. Dont worry about how fast you finish, just finish it – it will seriously be a great goal to accomplish!

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