Friday Faves!

Hey friends!

Long time no see, eh? This is unfortunately because I had another huge essay to write and banned myself from the blogworld until it was done. Believe me, I’d much rather be writing 3000 words to you guys!! Now it’s done and my work is waning.. Because it’s almost time for THANKSGIVING! Woohoo! I have a week long break and can’t wait to get home next Saturday.

Anyways, it’s that time.. For FRIDAY FAVES! I never miss this. πŸ™‚ Let’s jump into it!

1. SAUCONY KINVARA 2’S. You know how I was debating on which shoe to get? I got these babies! I tested them a little bit at the gym today (an “easy” 3 mile combo sprint/jog, which actually killed me cause I was suuuuper tired), and they were great! I wanted to take them outside, but it was snowing. SNOWING. Like, a lot. I don’t run in snow. Nope, nope, nope. Well.. Unless I feel like it.

Awkward angle.. But they're PINK!

2. WASABI PEAS. My geoscience professor brought these in in addition to his normal candy + apple snacks, which don’t work for me. (I’m allergic to apples and get sick of candy super easily.) But these.. These were gold! I ate literally 7/8 of the bag he got. SERIOUSLY hoping for more next week.

The ones i had were made with rice flour.. Nom.

3. KETCHUP. For some reason, I’ve been obsessed with ketchup on my eggs with lunch/dinner. IT’S. SO. GOOD. With vegan rice cheese too.. Unbelievable.

It's a vegetable.. Right?

4. OATS WITH A PB PUDDLE. I’d gotten away from this, but I’ve been really into topping my oats + protein powder with peanut butter lately.

My breakfast this morning.. Eaten in the geo lab. PB is necessary fuel for the scientist!

5. LOTION. Since it’s winter, my skin’s been really dry. Solution? Coconut lotion. This stuff is amaaaaazing, and I can’t count the number of times people have asked who smells delicious, and I’ve been able to confidently say it’s probably me.

Best lotion ever.

Since I’ve been MIA, I also have some recent eats for you..

Cottage cheese + cinnamon + coconut. Post workout delish.

Protein Muffin with chocolate sauce!


Greek yogurt + pb + banana!

Cottage cheese + pb + banana.. On the go fuel!

Check back this weekend for some updates on me and maybe even a recipe! I need to get my Friday catch-up sleep.. And catch up on blogs first. πŸ™‚ What are you guys doing this weekend? What’s your favourite snack food?

See you soon!



4 thoughts on “Friday Faves!

  1. OMG how did you score shoes that actually work for you AND are pink!!! girl that is like my dream come true lol!! coconut lotion is totally the best too – I use coconut body butter and it’s like…a little taste of summer in the middle of winter lol. all your eats look awesome, cottage cheese & coconut is a new combo for me, I’ll have to give that one a go! πŸ™‚

  2. hi chelsea! just found your blog. love following fellow runners! πŸ™‚
    p.s. i am OBSESSED with wasabi peas. trader joes has a trail mix with them in it and i could literally eat the whole bag in 5 minutes

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