Stop the Hatin’

Hey guys!

Today’s post is half rant, half.. Inspirational? Idk. Let’s just jump into it.

OKAY. So, lately there’s been an influx of people at the college gym because of that typical mid-semester “holy crap I’ve gained 5 pounds”. This means that instead of having my peaceful gym, obnoxious pairs of girls have started creeping in and surrounding me on the treadmills. These girls also enjoy talking loudly in the entrance room, and the conversation usually goes like this..

Girl 1: You running today?

Girl 2: Yeah. I ate ice cream. I HAVE TO. Ugh.

Girl 1: Me too. I hate running.

Girl 2: I hate running too.

And then, later..

Girl 2: I really hated my run today.

Girl 1: Yeah, I got in like 3 miles and felt like I was going to die.

Girl 2: I only got in like 2 and a half but I did abs.

Girl 1: I should do abs, but I’m not. Snacktime?

Girl 2: Defs, I’m so tired from that stupid run.

Meanwhile, I am sitting there, staring at them. SERIOUSLY PEOPLE?! I love running. I LOVE running. Stop hating on it! It’s like me going up and saying, “Yeah, that thing you love? HATE IT WITH A PASSION.” I don’t get why you’d go running if you hated it so much. There are other ways to get exercise, people! Which you’d probably enjoy!

I really dislike the idea that exercise is necessary torture. And yeah, I used to think it was. But then I found what I call my running zen. And now, I love running. And I will never unhappily put in miles because I ate ice cream or whatever. That’s stupid.

What I’m trying to say is.. If you don’t love running, fine. Don’t do it. But don’t complain about it constantly, when you can easily find something else to do. There are so many other sources of exercise with the same benefits that you may actually enjoy. Go dance! Go bike! Go swim! Don’t go running if you hate it. Life’s too short, people.

I think everyone has their thing that they really enjoy exercise-wise, but some people are conditioned to not realize it. In our society, I believe a lot of people see exercise as a means to an end, and don’t do it for fun. It’s fun! I promise! I feel really bad for people who don’t realize that. I can’t imagine going to the gym every day, dreading the treadmill, and forcing myself through 3 miles. I just don’t think I could do it.

If you hate running, I hope you can find either your running zen, or something else to do that you really enjoy! Strength training, swimming, dancing, jazzercise.. Whatever floats your boat! Just stop the hating, find what you love, and do it.

What do you guys think? Do you ever force yourself to suffer through workouts?

Obviously, I feel really strongly on this. I don’t think that anyone should have to suffer through workouts for any reason. Life’s too short to be miserable for an hour a day!



3 thoughts on “Stop the Hatin’

  1. I couldn’t agree more! I honestly can’t stand how people run because they “feel fat” but hate it openly. It’s almost loosened say that to make themselves feel better that running hurts sometimes. I agree that if they hate it so much, there are other more fun ways to work out. It really gets me down when people act like that!

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