Hey guys!

I promised I’d show up again this weekend! And I’ve succeeded. 🙂 This weekend has been filled with a lot of working, but I actually haven’t gotten much done.. When I have time to work, I seem to work slower, but I think the results are better. Also, I’ve been reading a lot of blogs lately.. Which might have something to do with it.

Another thing I’ve been doing? SHOPPING! I’m currently looking for new running shoes to ask for for Christmas, or to treat myself to. Currently, I run in Vibram Fivefingers, which I absolutely love.

My babies! Love them. And they're PINK. 🙂

BUT, my feet are getting a little beat up sometimes and I want a little bit more cushioning for longer runs on bad terrain. I know my feet can adapt, but it’s taking time, and I think my running progress is being hindered by my feet. So, today I went on a mission to find new shoes. My goal was to find a low heel drop, light weight, well trusted minimalist sneaker. Here’s what I found..

Brooks Pure Connect

I don't like these colors. NOT pink. Boo.

These I saw earlier in the year and immediately wanted. Now not so much. But they’re still in the running. They’re pretty light, with a 4mm heel drop. But apparently they feel kinda weird and aren’t very flexible. I’ll have to try them out in person.

Saucony Kinvara 2

Pretty. Pink. I laike.

These are supposed to be great! All the reviews I read of them were basically raving. Also, I read about someone who was considered a VFF “aspostle” who switched to these because of an injury and loves them. He’s now having a hard time taking them off and switching back to his VFFs.

Altra Intution

That's all the pink they're gonna give me? I object. These people don't get effective marketing towards me..

This has a true zero heel drop, which I like, but something about it doesn’t have me sold. It’s a bit bulkier than some of the others.. And it isn’t obnoxiously pink. Struggles. BUT, it is an anatomically correct shoe (based on the shape of the foot). Interesting.

Newton Distance

Running in these would make me feel so.. Awesome. Like I was running on jet fuel.

These ones are relatively pricey, but so cool. I really like them, and they’re from the company that came up with the whole idea of minimalism. Also, they only have a 2 mm heel drop. On the contrary, they are a bit more built up than I’d like.. But the colors are awesome.

So, what do you guys think? Any recommendations? I’m a little torn.. I love my VFFs, but I’m scared of pushing myself over the edge and coming out with an injury that’ll sideline me for a while. Ideally, I would get new shoes for longer runs and use my VFFs for shorter and recovery runs. I think? Idk. Decisions are hard for me.

What do you run in? What do you think of the minimalist trend? Any recommendations?

Anyways.. I’m off for the night. This whole time change thing is tough for me for the first few days, and I’m WIPED. I’ll likely be back tomorrow! See you lovelies!



2 thoughts on “Shoes.

  1. I’ve never done the minimalist shoes, so I can’t really give you too much advice. I’ve heard great things about the Newtons! I hate how minimalist shoes are so much prettier than my normal shoes since I’m not supposed to wear them. Though I tried on VFF’s the other day and they felt really cool!

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