Eggs and Faves!

Hey guys,

Somehow, the week has FLOWN by and it’s now time for my Friday Faves.. What the heck? I’ve been so busy I literally can’t believe it’s Friday. I’ve had SO much work that I’ve been living in my geoscience department and have been leaving my room at 6 am and coming back at 10 pm only to sleep. It’s crazy! Luckily, if I actually do what I need to this weekend, I should have a better next week. Which means more posts!

Before I get into my Friday Faves, I’ll give you a little update on my week other than the mass amounts of work I did.. First off, I didn’t eat oats for breakfast one day! THIS IS A BIG THING. Not that I’m trying not to, I just realized that I might want to try more variety (slash I may be addicted to oats, nbd). So, yesterday when I was CRAVING eggs, I went up to the omelette man in my dining hall and requested a giant plate of scrambled egg whites with spinach, onions, and peppers. Umm.. It was delicious. I put ketchup and vegan rice cheese on it, and was fully satisfied. Of course, this morning, I went back to my normal oats.. But it’s a step.


A successful experiment!

Also, I’m getting faster! My “pushing myself pace” (or my PMP, pronounced pimp, as I sometimes call it) has gotten about 30 seconds faster. I’m not ready to share times (cause they’re somewhat embarrassing), but if this keeps up, maybe I will soon! I’m feeling really inspired running-wise currently, partly because of one of Emma’s posts, which described how at this time last year, she was at an 8:30 mile pace. In my head, that means that I actually have hope of getting somewhere, instead of being forever doomed to run the same mile every time (which I sometimes fear).

Lastly, I think I might be becoming allergic to something new that I eat relatively frequently. I can’t quite pin it down, but my tongue has been sore and swollen for a few days off and on after I eat. It’s really annoying and actually gets in the way of my eating sometimes. I’m going to the college health center about it soon, and hopefully finding an answer.. I’m tired of biting my tongue constantly (cause it’s swollen) and drooling all the time.

Okay, so now time for my Friday Faves!

1. Ugg boots. Because it’s been getting cold, I’ve been transitioning from my normal Sperry Topsiders to my beloved Uggs. Literally, they are like heaven on my feet. They keep them extremely warm and help them chillax after my runs.

I have the middle

2. Leftover Halloween candy/sale candy from Halloween. I LOVE CANDY. Seriously. Surprisingly, I still have some left. And my professors have been giving us their leftover trick-or-treat candy, or just buying us sale candy as a treat. I will admit to hoarding Starbursts in my backpack.. They’re just so good.

Find the Starburst!

3. Warm sweaters. It’s that time of year again.. Warm sweater time. Today, I went out and bought two from H&M (which is having a BOGO on sweaters in my area!) and I plan on commencing living in them until spring. I love being warm.

I want this dog. Seriously. And the sweater better come with it.

4. Protein. Lately, I’ve been upping my protein intake and have been feeling a lot more energized and awesome. I also think I’m getting a bit more muscular. Wahoo!

Nomnom, protein.. I don

5. Chapstick. With the onset of winter, I’ve been relying on chapstick more and more. I use Chapstick Ultra Day Formula and Burt’s Bee’s.

So, there you go! My five friday faves, and a little life update. I’m SUPER tired so I am going to bed (what a wild college student, going to bed on a Friday night).. Hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow. There will defs be another post this weekend!

What have you guys been up to? Any new favourites? Do you like routine as much as I do, and do you ever feel the need to stray from it?

Peace and love friends!



3 thoughts on “Eggs and Faves!

  1. my favorite thing right now is peanut flour. omg I am loving that. I love routine I feel very out of balance if I don’t have structure.

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