TGIFriday Faves!

Hey guys!

TGIF! Happy Friday! I’m so ready for the weekend. What does Friday mean? Friday faves! Good thing too, because I had no idea what to post on tonight. So, without further delay, here are my five friday faves:

1. Rundies. Umm.. These are too cute. I think I saw them on Tara’s blog, and fell in love. They’re totally gonna be on my Christmas/birthday list!!

2. Babycakes cupcake maker. First off, it’s pink. Second off, it makes cupcakes. FAST. Me likey. Again, Christmas/Birthday.

3. Halloween! It’s Halloween weekend. What am I being? Tonight, I was Tiger Lily from Peter Pan.. Tomorrow I’ll be Pride of the Seven Deadly Sins.

4. Pumpkin! I’m in the Halloween spirit and going crazy over the pumpkin baked goods. I need more cans ASAP!

5. Snow! This one is KINDA a lie. It snowed at my college yesterday, and quickly melted. I was surprisingly excited, even though I hate the cold, I do like snow. AND, snow means wearing warm things all of the time, instead of trying to pretend that it isn’t cold to hang onto that last bit of clothing freedom.

So there you go, my Five Friday Faves! Hope you enjoyed them. And got some ideas for your Christmas list.. Jk!! Kindanotreally. I’m super tired and am going to have a really busy weekend, so I’m going to leave you with that. But first, my SNACK OF THE DAY!


This snack of the day was on the go after working out and before going to a meeting. Cottage cheese, banana, and peanut butter. Simple but delicious! 🙂

What are your guys’ favourite on the go snacks? Also, are you glad that the seasons are changing? What’s your favourite part of fall?

See you tomorrow!




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