Just Do It

Hey guys!

Today, I am talking about my love for Nike.. Jklolz. But, I do like their slogan, “Just Do It”. Oftentimes, I find myself not just doing it.. I think way too much because I’m a perfectionist, and I get freaked out when I feel out of control. I really want to change this about myself, because I think I’d be an all around happier and better person if I could.

How did this come up? I got the idea that my thinking needs to stop sometimes and I just need to do what I need to do from my riding lessons. I’ve been riding a difficult horse who requires a lot of work to get him to be correct. I LOVE him, but he’s hard work. Lately, my trainer has been getting frustrated because sometimes randomly I’ll just shut down when he’s being bad, instead of riding him like I know how to. This is cause I get into my head and convince myself I’ll never be able to fix him. I know this is wrong. I know I can do it. My trainer knows too, so my last lessons have run about 15 minutes over because she’s made me just do what needs to be done instead of letting me give up. I thank her immensely for this, but I really need to do this on my own.

SO, I’m adopting Nike’s slogan. Just do it. I’m gonna apply it to my real life too. Here’s a little list of goals:

1. Stop thinking so much while riding. Ride like you know how.

2. Stop delaying and overthinking things like homework and going to the gym. You know you’ll just get frustrated when you don’t go do it and end up just doing a shitty job on it at the last minute.

3. Don’t worry so much about what you wear. It makes you late. Constantly.

4. Stop changing your workouts because you’re scared of them. (For example, making an excuse to not do track sprints and instead do my safe 4 mile run.)

Basically, I need to stop thinking so much and JUST DO IT.

SO. That’s my new goal. Whatcha guys think? Do you guys have anything you need to work on in your life?

Also, snack of the day!! Cottage cheese + almond milk + banana + PB = nomnomz.


See ya tomorrow!




2 thoughts on “Just Do It

  1. I totally agree! That slogan has helped me overcome some irrational fears and hardships in my life. So I want to thank Nike for my favorite slogan and shorts 🙂

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