Beware.. Of the great peanut shortage?

Hey guys!

Quick post again, starting off with my snack of the day! It is a carob pumpkin oaty-mugcake. Another one of my strange inventions.. Which I’ll probs post a recipe for soon.



Sorry for the super ugly picture! I wanted food in my belly asap, so I ate it outta the mug.. Anyways, again today was super busy and I’m LE TIRED as a result. So, I thought I’d share my current biggest worry.. THE GREAT PEANUT SHORTAGE.

Disclaimer: This post is a bit off. I’m not actually this crazy. Just kinda tired.

For those of you who don’t know, apparently America is having a peanut crop shortage. What does that mean? Well, obviously we’re all gonna freak out about it. Apparently, the price of peanut butter may triple.. Which means PB&J, an American staple, may become a gourmet item.

All I have to say is WTF?! I’m panicking. Remember, I am the NUT BUTTER Runner. Which means I run on.. NUT BUTTER. And since I’m a college student, that mostly means (cheap) PEANUT BUTTER. I’ve compiled the following list to explain what lack of PB will do to my life..

1. Take away my main source of dietary fat

2. Make peanut butter fudge nonexistant in my life

3. Give me nothing to eat with bananas

4. Take away my beloved PB oats

5. Make life generally unhappy

What ever will I do?! Well, I’m stocking up. Kinda. I have about a jar that I plan on refilling at the dining hall as necessary. And, I am buying some extra bags of peanut flour in case that price skyrockets. So actually, I have a pretty good handle on this whole situation.

..Do you?

PS, for those who want to learn more, educate thyselves!

See ya tomorrow!




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