Gotta Get That Chocolate Fix

Hey guys!

It’s been a lazy Sunday.. I got in a good workout, did some shopping with my friends, and then sat around and didn’t really study. Woohoo! Coincidentally, I need to read a chapter for tomorrow, so tonight’s post will be a short one.. On how I get my LATE NIGHT CHOCOLATE FIX.

I’ll be honest. Every day, I need chocolate. Like, NEED. Or else I’m a very unhappy little Nut Butter Runner. If I don’t get it throughout the day (and sometimes if I do), I’ll have crazy cravings for it at night.. So, how do I get my chocolate fix?

Basically, there’s two ways. A unhealthier and a healthier way.

1. Eat dark chocolate chips. (Unhealthier)

2. MAKE A DARK CHOCOLATE MESS! (Surprisingly healthier!)

What is this dark chocolate mess I speak of? Well, it’s this handy concotion that is SO easy to make and delicious. Also, customizable!!

Tonight was a dark chocolate mess night (snack of the day warning!). Pictured below:


What is in it, you ask? Well, I will tell you!


1 tbsp Hershey’s Special Dark cocoa powder

.5 tbsp regular cocoa powder

.5 tbsp carob powder

1/3 scoop protein powder (optional, but up the regular cocoa powder without it)

1 tbsp (ish) water

3-5 drops stevia

Add ins:

1/3 cup GF rice krispies for CRUNCH

2 drops peppermint extract for MINTYNESS

Ummm.. Delicious. Other add ins that I use sometimes are 1-2 tbsp peanut flour if I’m craving peanut butter (no mint is used then), or real peanut butter if I’m feeling adventurous.. Sometimes I’ll add in peanuts to the plain base, or other nuts. It’s really whatever I’m feeling!

So, that is how I get my late night chocolate fix. Do you guys have any ways to get that fix? Do you ever NEED something?

Hope you enjoy!




4 thoughts on “Gotta Get That Chocolate Fix

  1. I can’t say that I ever crave chocolate, but whenever I crave something kinda salty or crunchy I ALWAYS munch on carrots and hummus (especially roasted red pepper hummus). To me, it’s wayyy better than chips and dip!

  2. That actually sounds really really good!! And definitely healthier than my chocolate bars that I find myself going for before bed… even when I’m not that hungry! I have been meaning to pick up rice crisps so this is just one more reason I should do that!

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