Five Friday Faves

Hello kiddos!

Sorry about no post yesterday, I have been working on an essay ALL WEEK and I had to buckle down yesterday because it was due today and I had a lecture.. I couldn’t even go to rugby yesterday! But NOW IT’S DONE. And it’s the weekend! I decided that I would do Friday Faves, cause I think they’re super fun and interesting! So, here you go..

My First Five Friday Faves

1. Sweet potatoes. I’m SO OBSESSED right now. My current favourite meal is sweet potato and egg whites with honey, salt, and pepper. I can’t get enough!

2. Running. I’ve been upping my mileage.. Now running 5+ miles a day since rugby season is coming to a close. IT FEELS GREAT.

3. Portable breakfasts! Since I’ve been incredibly busy, I’ve eaten every breakfast this week in my morning mineralogy class while doing last minute homework. Here’s an example.. Coffee, oatmeal with almond milk and peanut butter, and an orange.


4. Hershey’s Special Dark Cocoa Powder. Um, where has this been all my life? Seriously, it’s so good. As a poor college student, I’ve come to making chocolate out of it.. 1 tbsp of it mixed with some carob, water, and stevia (sometimes even peppermint extract), and I have delicious fudge. YUM.

5. The songs “Just a Kiss” and “If I Die Young”. Love them both, and they kept me from going insane while writing my paper. Now they’re permanently morphed together and stuck in my head.




There ya go! My first Five Friday Faves! Hope you enjoyed. 🙂 Also, a random Snack of the Day.. I forget when this is from, but it was a snack! Veggie rice cheese and tuna melt on a rice cake. NOMZ.


See you tomorrow!



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