(Learning to) Do What You Love

Hey guys!

Today, I’m going to tackle a serious subject. Whatwhattt? I know. But, this is something I’ve been dealing with a lot lately, and that is learning to do what you love.

So what do I mean by that? I mean not letting others expectations and opinions get in your way to choose what you want to do with your life. Let me go into more detail..

In college, it seems like you’re expected to know exactly what you want to do with your life and do it. For me? Not true. I’ve always known I love science, but for me a lot of college has been trying to find where in the sciences I fit in. I came to college thinking I would be a geoscience major – then that changed to archaeology. Then chemistry. Then biology. Then chem and sociology (wtf??). Then geo and chem. Then archaeology and chem. Then just archaeology.

After changing so many times, I had my heart set on archaeology. Well, kind of. I actually just thought that it was the easiest for me to do the best in (truth, because my archaeology GPA is much higher than my normal one), and I seemed to be able to have an okay future in it. I decided I wanted to do paleoanthropology, or the study of ancient human bones. To make this story short, this led me to wanting to go to Kenya next semester.

Okay, not actually. I really “wanted” to go fall semester, but something kept me from applying. The same thing with next semester – now that it was time to apply, I couldn’t bring myself to finish the application. Which led me to really think.. Did I actually want to do this?

NO. I didn’t. The other day, I realized that I didn’t want to go do archaeology for nine weeks in Kenya. I realized that I don’t like digging very much, and I was just following the path set out for me by my archaeology advisor. It’s funny how advisors don’t really advise that much – at least mine. He merely said, “Well, if you want to do this, you need to do this, this, and this. GO.”

In that moment, I decided I wasn’t going to Kenya. But wtf was I going to do?

Well, luckily, I happen to be taking a mineralogy course (geoscience). And let me tell you.. I love it. It’s the perfect intersection between geo and chem. And, it’s a lot of lab work, which I love, but you can also go into the field for as long or as short as you want. Sure, arch has this, but I felt so limited in arch. In mineralogy, as well as other geosciences, I feel so much freer to do what I love.

So, my big decision.. To add geoscience as a major, and to pursue it as a career. NOT ARCHAEOLOGY. I will still be doing my archaeology major, but it will be as a geoscience supporter, in order to help broaden my horizons.

Unfortunately, this means I can’t go abroad, because I have some catching up to do academically. I do plan on doing something abroad this summer, or hopefully getting a cool internship so I can start applying geoscience to my life. I’m unsure exactly where geoscience will take me.. But I love it, and this decision feels right for me. Which is what’s important, right? Right.


Because of that, I’mma do what I love.. And you should to.

🙂 Chelsea


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