A Peanutty Post! (Oatmeal recipe!!)

Helloooo my friends!

So, obviously, I failed to post yesterday. Why? Because I’m so busy and I made a lifechanging decision.. Which will be posted about tomorrow. Hahahaha! Right now, I’m just here to give you the recipe for SUPER PEANUT BUTTER OATMEAL. This stuff is THE SHIZNIT, guys. Seriously, SO GOOD. Just feast (hahaha, I’m so punny) your eyes on it..


To make it, you’ll need..
1/2 cup oatmeal
1 small banana, chopped into sections
1/8 cup peanut flour
1.5 tbsp peanut butter
1 tbsp peanuts
1/2 cup cottage cheese (can be omitted to make this vegan! if you omit this, I would suggest cooking in non-dairy milk to make it creamy)
2 servings liquid stevia (can be more or less to taste, but this is what I used
Cinnamon and salt to taste (I used a lotta cinnamon, and a little salt)

And how is it made? Well, let me tell YOU.

1. Cook the oats in about a cup and a half of liquid (I use water) on the stove.
2. Add in cottage cheese and MIX.




3. Add in banana pieces when cottage cheese is fully combined. Mix in and let cook for 2 min.


4. Add peanut flour, stevia, and cinnamon. MIX again and let cook for about 1 more minute.







5. Remove from heat and put in bowl. Top with peanuts and peanut butter. Salt on top of peanut butter so you have a delicious sweet/salty thing going on.
6. Nom excessively.

Ps.. If you eat UNDER the peanut butter like I do, you’ll have one last delicious peanutty bite..


Wahoo! Delicious, right? IT IS. Now, go make some!!

But first, behold my post-workout SNACK OF THE DAY..


Cottage cheese, rice chex, almond milk, and peanut flour butter. Inhaled Eaten in less than 5 min. Seriously.

My workout today consisted of a five mile run, some elliptical, and an arms workout. I’m feeling tired! So, I’m going to go do my homework and get to bed.. Look for a post tomorrow (ish)!



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