Late night SotD!

Hey guys!

Today’s Snack of the Day is a late night one after a mentally relaxing, physically taxing day. I won’t be doing a full post cause I have a test tomorrow, but I will tell you about the rugby running we did today.

As with every Monday (it is pseudo Monday on the team because we had a game on Sunday instead of Saturday), today was our running day for rugby practice.. Which usually just means a nice 3 mile run. Not today! Today, we ran 1.5 miles on the track, then did a run called the Tear Run. Sounds horrible already? Well, let me explain it.. We ran halfway around the soccer field in a line continuously. At every corner, the first person in line sprinted.. Until they caught up with the last person. THIS IS HARD. Since the line is moving, it takes most people 2 laps or about 350 m to catch up. Sprinting. It made me want to cry (literally because I got really sick, but that is unrelated). We did this twice for each person, and by the end our jogging line was walking and everyone was super tired. Yuck. After that, I did some easy abs and stretched.. And now I’m so tired and could go to bed at 8. Literally.

So, here is my snack of the day. It is a peanut butter chocolate chip protein muffin and delicious! I will post the recipe tomorrow, so look forward to that!!



Now, I’m gonna ask a couple of questions.. Have you ever felt like you were going to cry during a workout? How do you mentally prepare for that stuff?

See ya tomorrow!



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