My Workout Plan

Hello friends!

The other day, I told you that I workout just about every day in the gym. I need to, or I get way too anxious and ADD-ish. I am a naturally high stress person, and somewhat tiring myself out every morning really makes my life more manageable.

My workout is variable, based on how I feel that day. But generally, I do something aerobic like this every morning, no matter what:

20-40 minute warmup on elliptical

1-3 mi on the treadmill (sometimes slow runs, sometimes interval training)

Now, depending on how much time I have, I’ll lift or do abs, or both. Here are some of my favourite routines:

Arms: 2x 12 chest press 55, 2x 12 overhead press 40, 2x 12 incline pull 60, 3x 12 row 70-80, 25 pushups

Legs: 3x 12 leg press 280, 2x 12 on each leg backwards press 130, 3x 12 weighted squats w/ med ball, 3x 12 modified RDL 15, 3x 6-12 jump squats 14-16″, 50 squats

Abs: 25 ea side crunches, 50 modified baby pushers, 25 leg lifts, 25 captains chairs, 50 suspended leg crunches, 50 bicycles (measuring from touching one leg), 50 reverse crunches, 25 medicine ball sit ups, planks for 60-180 sec, walking planks

Sometimes, I’ll mix these up. Here’s an example total body workout that I did yesterday..

25 min elliptical warmup

3x 12 leg press 290

2x 12 on each leg backwards press 130

2x 12 chest press 55

2x 12 overhead press 40

2x 12 incline pull 80

3x 12 row 75

3x 12 modified RDLs 10

3x 8 box jumps w/squats

3x 12 wall squats

25 captains chairs

25 ea side crunches

50 modified baby pushers

25 leg lifts

25 suspended leg crunches

25 reverse crunches

25 medicine ball sit ups

60 sec plank

I had a lot of fun with this workout! My entire body got tired, which I love, and I was able to focus on my work and sleep well later. Woohoo!

Also, post workouts, remember to stretch. Sometimes I forget and feel like crap the next day. It only takes a few minutes, and it’s sooo worth it!

Hope you enjoy!



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