Protein Packed Snack!


Today, my snack of the day came post lifting. Yes, I did play in my rugby game but it wasn’t super intense and I just wasn’t tired.. So I lifted! Now I’m tired and feel great! Look forward to a post on my workouts tomorrow.

Anyways, since it’s super hot out, I wanted a cold, protein packed snack. What did I get? A chocolate mint smoothie!

Here’s the recipe I used.. (does this count as my first real recipe?!)

1 cup chocolate soy milk (I used silk mint chocolate)
1 smallish frozen banana
1/2 cup cottage cheese
1/4 tsp mint extract
About a cup of ice
Optional: chocolate protein powder

This smoothie was phenomenal! Super simple to make (just blend it all up) and it really hit the spot. Woo! I topped mine with chocolate chips and toffee.. Also, just FYI, this smoothie is huge! Check out the pictures..




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