Hello friends!

It is a beautiful day for a RUGBY GAME, but first I thought I’d post about food. FOOD. Everyone’s favourite subject!

First of all, let me say that I struggle with food. For many reasons, in fact. Some will be posted about later, but for now, we’ll focus on my dietary restrictions. They’re intense – aka, my body doesn’t really like the standard American diet. At all.

In the past few years, I got more into health (more on this later this week..), and I found out that I’m gluten intolerant, lactose intolerant, and allergic to apples, raspberries, and potatoes. Before, I used to just feel horrible after eating.. I was always sick and it sucked. Now, with my new diet, I feel a lot better after eating, but it presents some problems in my day to day life.

I go to college. I’m busy (see yesterday’s post for details). I’m on a meal plan, aka subject to the whim of the dining hall Gods. Sometimes, my dietary restrictions suck.. A LOT. At my dining hall, they always have a salad bar, but they also have a dessert bar, pizza bar, and hot meal. Can I ever have anything at the last three stations? No, not usually. Do I have to get really creative with what I can eat in the salad bar, plus the gluten free/vegan fridges? Yes, yes I do. But, because of this, I think this has made me respect food a lot more, and become more aware of what I’m eating.

Sometimes, it’s also annoying to go out with friends. Or, more often, go to rugby dinner the night before games. But, I’ve learned to bring myself a snack or my own dinner – I have a fleet of tupperware containers which usually have something in them.

Occasionally, I’ll hate the dining hall. They won’t have my favourite veggies or hardboiled eggs for my salad, but y’know what? I get over it and move on. Because of being diagnosed with my intolerances and allergies, I live a much healthier life, and I am a much happier, healthier me. So, yes, I do live with severe dietary restrictions, but I’m okay with it. I’ve learned to live with it, and now it’s just my normal, day to day thing.

Peace out kids, it’s pregame breakfast time!



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