Yes, I did lie..

Hey friends!

Okay. SO, I promised a long post to myself twice in a row.. DIDN’T HAPPEN. Remember how I said I was running off to a late rugby practice yesterday? Well, it ran LATE. Like, 530-730. We usually don’t have it so long on Fridays (and its at its usual 430), because it’s usually the night before game days. But, this weekend we have a game on Sunday. After practice, I had to eat dinner quickly before the dining hall closed at 8, and then our team had some social obligations to attend to. Soooo, I ran out of time.

BUT, I’m here now. Yay! I thought I’d just give you a little overview of my daily life (aka why I’m so busy).

First of all, I take four classes, once of which meets five days a week. The others meet two-three times a week. Most of them are an hour long, but I do have a class that is a double lab, or a THREE HOUR BLOCK twice a week. Eek!

Second of all, as you may know, I participate regularly in two organized sports, rugby and horseback riding, and I am committed to running. Weight training goes along with all of that, so I do lift at the gym.

Lastly, I work in my archaeology lab at least six hours a week. It’s boring, since I’m just entering data. But, I make MONEY! And money pays for things I like to do.. Like riding.

So, my days usually consist of a mix of those, with little free time. My morning always starts out with a very early workout (like 6:30 AM before class), which is usually a mix of ellipticaling/running/lifting/abs. I then have class and work usually from 8:30 or 9:00 to about 4:00. If I don’t have a set thing to do, I’m usually doing homework or eating. In the afternoons, at around 4:00 or 5:00, I ride for about an hour twice a week, go to my two hour rugby practice at least three times a week. I’ll usually be done with that and dinner by about eight, then I have to do more homework. But, I always try to go to bed by 11:00!

So, if you’re actually reading this.. You might be asking HOW?! I’ll tell you how.. With a lot of determination and some naps. I put my mind into everything I do, and expect myself to perform well. If I don’t try, then why should I succeed? I didn’t get to the places I am by sitting on my butt – I did it by motivating myself and forcing myself to do better. And that works for me.

It helps that on the weekends, I do have more free time. I have rugby games on Saturdays usually, which means that my Saturday is spent sleeping in before the game, eating, playing the game, and then hanging out with the team. Being with my team lets me let loose and chillax about everything. I don’t worry about doing work on game days – I know I have another day to do it. Game days are MY days where I slack as much as I want.

Sundays help too. I always bake on Sundays in the mornings, and then work at night. This helps me feel on top of things, and do something I really want to do but don’t have time for daily. Sometimes on Sundays, I’ll take a really long run, which helps me mentally recharge. I’ll also spend the day with my best friend, who destresses me.

In short, my weeks are hard, but I make up for it on the weekends to recharge. I love living like this – I like to challenge myself during the week and then reward myself on the weekends.

Hope you enjoyed! Look out for a new post tomorrow on my workout plans.



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