The Nut Butter Runner

Hello friends!

My name is Chelsea, and I am THE Nut Butter Runner. Why? Well.. Because I’m obsessed with nut butter, and I love to run. If I could, I would solely subside on spoonfuls of nut butter. SERIOUSLY. It’s a problem. Anywho, I started this blog because I love healthy living blogs, and I want to share my experiences trying to live healthy in college, while managing three sports and super-duper dietary restrictions.

So, I’ll start out with a little about me..

I’m Chelsea, and I’m a 19 year old, third year college student. I plan on going into physical anthropology, but I’ve recently been pulled towards mineralogy.. So we’ll see. I love to run, ride, and play rugby. Wait a second. What’s that? I’m CRAZY for playing rugby? DON’T CARE. I’m currently playing on a D1 team and I love it and my team. I’m in the pack (which is technically the bigger girls.. on most teams, this means mostly players over 160 pounds, but on my team, we all weigh under 150, so our coach picks out the girls who enjoy tackling the most), and generally play flanker.. But I’d love to try second rowing. ANYWAYS, off the rugby subject. As I said, I ride horses, and I have been for most of my life, except a break during high school. I am on my school’s team, training with an amazing (mostly) dressage trainer who kicks my butt regularly. And, of course, I RUN. I aspire to run a marathon within the next few years, but as I have rugby practice every day, I can’t train as much as I would like during the season. I do try to get in at least 15 nonrugby miles a week though, usually split into a 5 mile run, 2 3 mile runs, and 2 2 mile runs. I run every day generally (we run a mile for rugby warmup), which works for me. I do have days of varied intensity, and try to listen to my body as much as it will tell me. I am kind of an energizer bunny though, so I like to stay active.

As I said, I do have some food restrictions.. I’m gluten intolerant (non Celiacs), lactose intolerant, and allergic to several things, including apples (which I made myself allergic to – that story is for another time). What do I eat? A lot of oatmeal, fruits, and veggies. I try to eat as much whole food as possible, and I’ve built up some tolerance to dairy (I can safely have a cup of cottage cheese or greek yogurt in a day usually). Oh.. And I eat a lot of NUT BUTTER. As I said, I’m obsessed. Peanut butter, almond butter, cashew butter.. All of the nut butters. I make my own to cut down on costs, so look out for recipes that will be coming your way.

Anyways.. I think that’s enough about me for now. Welcome to the newest (as of posting this) healthy living blog, The Nut Butter Runner! I hope you enjoy future content which will be coming at ya ASAP..

Peace out little nutters!


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