The Nut Butter Runner: A to Z

Hello friends!

I’ve had a really busy day, so I thought for my post today I’d just give you little A-Z rundown of me, so you can get to know me. I promise better posts in the future, but I had an afternoon rugby game today (which we won!), as well as class and work, so I’m stretched a bit thin.

ANYWHO.. Things I like, A to Z!

A is for anthropology, including archaeology and physical anthropology.

B is for bananas. LOVE EM, but not really on their own.. Mostly in baked goods.

C is for cats. I have six of them. Ridiculous.

D is for dogs. I’ve grown up with them all my life, and currently have one really old dog at home. On campus, if I see a dog, I quickly intercept its path.

E is for electrons. CHEM NERD ALERT.

F is for.. Friends! I love my friends!

G is for going. When I’m doing something, I like to do it balls out, and just GO.

H is for horses. 🙂

I is for my iPhone. I seriously couldn’t live without it.

J is for jumping horses. 🙂

K is for kindness. I try to commit a random act of kindness daily.

L is for love. I love love.

M is for MINERALOGY. Geoscience nerd alert this time..

N is for nut butter. Self explanatory.

O is for OMG moments.. The good and the bad, they’re always memorable.

P is for protein. Gotta have it, and I know an absurd amount about it from biochemistry..

Q is for questions which lead to clarification. You have to ask if you want to know.

R is for running, rugby, and riding.

S is for sisters from another mister.. Which include my two BFFs, and my cousin.

T is for tackling. I did a lot of that today.

U is for uranium.. BOMBS. Anyone remember that from Spongebob?

V is for variety. It’s applicable in all of life.. Who wants to do the same thing every day, eat the same thing every day, etc?

W is for water. I’m obsessed with my nalgene.

X is for xrays.. Which are really cool, but I hope to avoid this year.

Y is for YOU. Thanks for reading this.

Z is for zebras. C’mon. They’re awesome.

So that’s it.. A little A-Z of what I like. 🙂 Hope you enjoyed it!

ALSO, today I’m introducing a daily part of my posts.. My Snack of the Day! While I’m not quite up to the task WIAW yet (I usually eat on the go – I always eat breakfast in class), which is popular in the blog world, I do think I can manage to snap a picture of one of my many awesome snacks of the day. So, today’s snack..

Microwave banana oatmeal mush + carob peanut flour fudge + peanuts and toffee! This was eaten post rugby game as my dessert, and was DEEEELICIOUS.

Anywho, I gotta go do homework.. Peace out friends!



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